SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                        CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


4X5 Weighted Ring Dips – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.


12 minute AMRAP of:

3 Wall Walks
Run 200m
15 Push Press 95/65#




Jen T. aka "Red"






There's a local Powerlifting Competition on June 9th….right around the corner from Spartan Performance!!  Jon Bernor and JD Health Club present the "Summer Showdown", an SSA Sanctioned Full Power/Ironman/Single Lift competition.  JD Health Club is located at 921-11 Lincoln Avenue, Holbrook.  There are numerous divisions according to age and weight.  You are welcome to compete!  For an application and further information please see us or click here.—George



9 Training Strategies For Knee Pain   "Less can often be more when it comes to dealing with pain, so remember that as you push forward. At the same time, an injury isn't an excuse to throw in the towel."Ben Bruno for TNation.com


In Defense Of Fat   "The film is firmly rooted in current scientific research on Ancestral Health, a theory which proposes that the human body is not adapted to an agricultural diet, and especially not to the many processed foods in our daily lives. “In Defense of Fat” turns the microscope on media and medical research, deconstructing the “diet talk” that informs and misinforms while shaping our understanding of bodies, size, health."Sarah Fragoso, Everyday Paleo

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