SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                    CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 Every 30 sec for 5 minutes complete 1 Clean & Jerk (full squat) @ 75%


For time:

25 Wall Balls 20/14lb
40 Kettlebell swings (24/16kg or 53/36 lbs.)
40 Situps
15 Wall Balls 20/14lb
20 Deadlifts 225/150lb
20 T2B
15 Wall Balls 20/14lb





New York's Most Extreme Workout   "The regime — a favorite of professional athletes, police academies, martial artists and military units — has slowly been gaining steam in the fitness world, mostly by word of mouth. In 2005, there were roughly 50 affiliates worldwide; now, there are approximately 2,500. In the past year alone, CrossFit has seen tremendous growth, thanks to a new 10-year partnership with Reebok and the popularity of the Olympic-style CrossFit Games, which aired for the first time on ESPN last summer."—?CALLA SALINGER, NY Post

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