SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                    CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 10 Power Cleans

   1 Burpee

   9 Power Cleans

   2 Burpees

   8 Power Cleans

   3 Burpees……..

   ……Power Cleans go down to 1,

          Burpees go up to 10, following the above pattern.

Use 55% of your 1 Rep Max for the Power Cleans






 Control Leptin And Control Your Leaness    "This is the ugly side of dieting for many, and the main reason why many popular diet books suggest that simple calorie restriction does not work long term. The reality is that calorie restriction isn't the problem, it's leptin resistance."Bill Willis and John Meadows for TNation.com


Hip Flexor Stretch    "…..However, stretching to restore deficits caused by poor posture or the environment – like too much sitting – is still something that I do and recommend.  Here is Tom Furman on a simple stretch series for the hipflexors.  Tom says "Stretching, and eliminating hip flexor tightness can improve posture and reduce back ache."—Chris Highcock, Conditioning Research

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