SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                       CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 4 rounds for time of:

Push Press, 5 reps (135/75#)

Burpees, 10 reps

400 meter run


George attempted to take-off superman style, but apparently couldn't leave the ground after his little red cape fell off.  Noticing the fallen cape, but taking no chances, Joanne ducks out of the way.



Sciatica, More Than A pain In The Butt, and Why It's Often Misdiagnosed; Real Culprit Is Priformis Syndrome  "Your sciatic nerve is a thick nerve originating from many fibers in the lower back and sacral area. Actually it’s the sensations in the lower leg & foot – weakness, pain, numbness – that are typically true signs of “sciatica” symptoms as the sciatic nerve comes out from behind the knee and branches out into the tibial nerve and common peroneal nerve where they supply movement and sensations to much of the lower leg and foot. Pain above the knee – usually referred to as sclerotenogeous type pain – is pain originating from a muscle, tendon, or ligament. That is usually what is causing pain in the lower back and hamstring/thigh area, if not a local muscle or tendon strain. Though there may be disc involvement as well as other nerve related problems, (other than sciatica), most lower back, thigh pain, and hip pain is from muscular imbalances as well as inflammation in the body."—Dr. Stephen Gangemi, Sock Doc

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