SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                   CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

ring dips

push press, 75/50#





******  Christmas Eve Schedule:  11am-12pm



CrossFit Games Marathon on ESPN2, New Year's Day starting at 1:00pm ET – video [wmv] [mov]{Courtesy of CrossFit.com}


The Bottom Up Squat    "When you squat from the bottom up, you have to find the right way to stack the weight you're carrying, whether it's your body weight alone or a heavy external load. While gravity can (and most definitely will) take us down from the top, you need to earn your way back up with stability.

Stability takes priority because strength can't be applied in its absence. When stability is outstripped by strength, problems begin to arise. It's like having a car with a powerful engine and cheap suspension. Up the output beyond a certain point and you'll wind up skidding off-course. Developing a squat from the bottom ensures that you have the stability to handle the toughest part of the movement."Geoff Girvitz for TNation.com


Do You Have A Management Problem?    "Most people state that they would like to have less body fat, more muscle, less injuries and more time for their training.  When the are asked how they are “managing” the processes to gain these results, however, the answer is usually a blank stare. Think of your Health and Fitness as a business.  Management is the most important ability that can lead to the achievement of this business’ goals.  Whether you are a champion or a challenger, I guarantee this blog will prove that your “training management” skills can be improved."Martin Rooney, Training For Warriors

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