SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                      CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 Three rounds for time of:
135 pound Front squat, 12 reps
12 Burpee pull-ups





MONDAY JULY 4TH schedule:  10am-11am     NO Evening sessions!



Go For The Win–The Heather Dorniden Story  "To me, this is the perfect example of being a MENTALLY STRONG athlete."–Jedd Johnson, Diesel Crew


Lack Of Sleep Contributing To Obesity   "The stress hormone cortisol also surges when we're sleep-deprived. When that happens, we crave high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods ("comfort foods") to increase our serotonin levels to calm down, said Dr. Michael Breus, author of "The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan."—Los Angeles Times

When Eating Healthy Is Making You Fat

"My mistake in the past was thinking this was simply a diet and exercise issue. It is much more complex than that.

This is an emotional and psychological journey first and foremost. It’s a journey into understanding who we are. Until we are willing to plunge into the depths of our murky inner self and figure out why we do what we do, all the other stuff is meaningless, because it won’t last. We will find a way to blow it up long before the results can ever reveal themselves."Dean Dwyer to Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple

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  1. Barbara

    Thos burpee pullups bring a tear to my eye…….literally……….burpees just keep getting better and better. I won’t be there today but just maybe I can try one or two on Monday!!!

  2. Barbara

    By the way………..have you seen any good and helpful articles on food addiction and how to overcome? There was a segment on a daytime talk show recently about food addiction and they only addressed it for people who were obese. Lets just say that there is a petite 5’2″ 123ish pound woman who is addicted to food……..any suggestions? 🙂

  3. George

    If you’re in excellent shape, understand how to eat, understand how what you are eating affects you, are performing well and making steady improvements, are in an excellent state of health and training hard then I don’t see being addicted to food as a problem.
    Addictions are “bad” when you have no control and there are negative results based on this lack of control. If you claim to have a food addiction, but fit the criteria above then either you don’t truly have a food addiction or your so-called addiction isn’t bad for you.

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