SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                         CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 4 rounds for time of:

400 meter run

snatch, 15 reps




***Monday's hours modified for LaborDay, Monday September 5, 2011:  10am-12pm, NO Evening sessions.*********


A Hiker's Plight: How To Help When Water Runs Low    “If it came down to having enough for myself or helping someone, I’d have to drink my own water,” said Laura Craig, a Phoenix businesswoman who shared some of her extra water with distressed strangers on a recent hike at Fossil Springs. “It’s an ethical decision. You hate to think of things like survival of the fittest, but it does come down to that.”NY Times

Keep yourself fit and prepare, prepare, prepare.  Use common sense.  Ego, arrogance, ignorance and a failure to prepare can get you killed.  This article is about survival while hiking, but it can be applied to other situations.  Make no mistake, IT IS survival of the fittest.–George


The Barbell Back Squat: Putting The "Dis" In Dysfunctional    "Here's the heretical statement: I question the “function” of placing a heavily loaded barbell across the upper spinal vertebrae."—Steve Maxwell

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