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Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

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Lisa and George with Coach Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit.



Our great friend, Gillian Mounsey, is attempting to do 100 muscle-ups within one hour to raise money and awareness for Hope For The Warriors

The mission of Hope for the Warriors™ is to enhance quality of life for US Service Members and their families nationwide who have been adversely affected by injuries or death in the line of duty. Hope for the Warriors™ actively seeks to ensure that the sacrifices of wounded and fallen warriors and their families are never forgotten nor their needs unmet, particularly with regard to the short and long-term care of the severely injured."

Gillian's mission is called Operation Pull For Hope and the event takes place on November 14th.  Please support Gillian as she supports our troops!  Click on Gillian's name (above) for further details and making donations….and to watch Gillian executing perfect muscle-ups…easily!



By Lee


Everyone has individual goals and ideas for what they hope to achieve by CrossFitting.  The one thing everyone has in common is that they want to achieve a higher level of fitness.  Some become extremely competitive.  While we see nothing wrong with competition and believe it's a good thing when it's kept in proper perspective, we also notice that the competitive drive may make one's attitude less than desireable.

We work hard to make sure the training environment is not only about progression, improved performance and commitment, but also about harmony, good sportsmanship and support.  Focusing on "competition" only will cause an imbalance somewhere in your training.  Some will ignore the "signals" the body is sending that something isn't "right" just so they can do the workout of the day as prescribed while trying to "beat the whiteboard".   This past Saturday while addressing a question about recovery Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit's founder, stated, "if your athlete isn't feeling great mentally and physically then the workout should be scaled."  You need to pay attention to recovery and how your body is responding.  You need to pay attention to a "slight, nagging" injury.  Those small problems can easily turn into major problems when ignored. 

We also need to pay attention to technique.  Using weight that's prescribed before you get the technique down is a recipe for disaster.  Lighten the load until you're really ready for the the prescribed weight.

We need to pay attention to at what point of a workout we start to experience technique degredation and fatigue.  We need to understand what our strengths and weaknesses are.  We need to have a clear vision of what our goals are, especially if you are a competitive athlete.  If you have an upcoming race, match, fight or other athletic event and your goal is to beat everyone on the whiteboard then you have the wrong goal and wrong focus.

Having no goal is just as bad if not worse.  Everyone wants to be fitter.  We get it.  What are your goals though?  Be specific.  Record your workouts, times and weights.  Record what you ate and how long you slept everyday.  Recording will help you achieve your goals and it will facilitate you seeing "where you were" and "where you're going".  No direction means slow or no progress.

Want to be faster?  Become efficient in moving at a full range of motion properly. Want to be stronger?  Slowly increase the amount of weight you lift while doing strength workouts and auxillary work.  You cannot focus on what you need to do to improve if you have one eye on your technique and one on the whiteboard.

There's nothing wrong with being competitive.  Being competitive is a great way to stay motivated.  The emphasis should be on getting to the competitive level safely and efficiently.  Your initial goal and the permanent underlying goal should be a better you.  Your main competition should be the person staring back at you when you look in the mirror.  Become a better athlete than the one you were the day before.


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  1. Mike D

    Did Fran today at home and it wasn’t so great but I only had about 2 hours of sleep. Gabriella didn’t sleep at all last night. I did it oustide and I don’t think the cool air help either, my lungs aren’t used to it. Then again who can breathe during Fran anyway. Anyway my time was 7:51 as Rx’d, more then a minute over my PR. Oh well hopefully do better next time. Hope to make down either tomorrow or wednesday. See you all then.

  2. Hi guys! I may be far from home but I still check out your site. First let me say, at Crossfit Suffolk you guys are GREAT at supervising and making sure we know the proper form. That being said, Lee’s article “Lost in Competition” exactly describes my biggest issue with certain Crossfit affiliates. Some people are too focused on numbers and forgo form. Everyone wants to have a good posting, whether it is for time or reps or weight but why injure yourself doing it? I can’t tell you how many horrible moves I have seen at the current box I’m at. I believe it is the responsibility of the crossfit trainer to supervise their people. Another thing that drives me nuts is the fact that certain boxes feel it is necessary to create their own WOD’s, way too intense to the point that nearly everyone is “excluded” and has to modify the workout. If you want to be a Crossfit affiliate then why not follow Crossfit’s program? If your system is so great create your own fitness empire! Ahh, that felt good. Enough B’s and G’s (Bitches and gripes) Peace, Love and Happiness all! Nurse Cathy

  3. George

    Mike that’s a good time for someone with a brand new addition who won’t sleep and only getting 2 hours of sleep yourself. You shouldn’t have even attempted “Fran” as Rx’d on 2 hours of sleep.
    See you soon!

  4. George

    Nice to hear from you Nurse Cathy!
    Thanks for the kind words!
    Many affiliates don’t follow the main site, but they also have good programming. Nothing wrong with scaling WODs either.
    It seems as though finding the best programming is a hot topic lately for affiliate owners and coaches. I like seeing what some of the other affiliates do and I use their wods.
    Making a WOD difficult for the sake of being more difficult then the other guys misses the point of good programming.
    Hang in there!

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