CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: The Original CrossFit Affiliate in Suffolk County!


CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: The Original CrossFit Affiliate in Suffolk County!

Workout of the Day 5X4/8 Front Squat/Back Squat @ 94% of Nov.15th

Note: 5 sets of 4 Front Squat reps immediately followed by 8 back squat reps using 94% of the weight you used last week.  If you didn’t do this strength workout last week use 75% of your front squat 1 rep max.

“Dirty Diane” 15-12-9 of: Power Cleans 185/120#

Deficit HSPU 6/4?

For time.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


Power Clean:  Lifting the bar from the floor to your shoulders in one explosive movement.  The bar is received with a slight dip.  You do not receive the bar in a full squat.

Deficit Handstand Push-up:  Executing the handstand push-up where your head can lower to a point deeper than than the floor.  Your hands need to be on a raised “platform” (plates or parallettes).  This extends the range of motion making the exercise more difficult.

Scaling:  Power Clean- Lower the weight to roughly 70% of your 1 rep max.

               Deficit HSPU- Scale to regular handstand push-up, box handstand push-up, or regular push-up.



     Anthony D. won the Long Island Open Racquetball Tournament in Syosset last weekend for the 40+ division!  Anthony played on Saturday and Sunday and credits CrossFit for his enhanced conditioning.

  “Usually going into the second day of the tournament my back hurts.  Having CrossFitted for 2 months prior to this tournament my back felt fine and I didn’t feel fatigued”, said Anthony.

Congratulations Anthony! 20131116_115850


Moscow Introduces A Rather Unusual Way To Pay For The Subway: SquatsThe latest is Russia’s Olympic-fever gimmick — a machine that offers free Moscow subway tickets to anyone who completes 30 squats in a two-minute window.“—Stephanie Garlock, The Atlantic Cities

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