Today's WOD is a modification of the Northeast Masters Throwdown event to take place a week from today in Connecticut.  Sessions will start at the top of the hour.  There will be approximately 10 minutes of warm-up, 10 minutes to go over the specific workout instruction, an 8 minute WOD, 10 minutes of rest and then a 10 minute WOD.  That leaves us with 12 minutes for "margin for error" or cool down/stretching.  The WOD will be two workouts:



AFAHP or 8 Min Time Cap:
400 Meter Run
25 KB Swings(24/16kg)
25 Burpees
25 KB Swings
25 Burpees

Scoring System: any reps not completed will be added to your score at
the end of the workout. Your score will be 8 mins + 1 sec per rep for
each movement not completed. (e.g. 8 mins + 25 reps = 8.25 as your

Notes: AFAHP=As Fast As Humanly Possible.  The run will be optional if it snows.

There will be approximately 10 minutes of rest before WOD#2 begins


10 min amrap of:
Hang Squat Cleans (115/80 lbs.)
HR Push Ups
Box Jumps (Step Ups/Downs Allowed)(24/20")

Notes: Yes, you do 3 reps of each exercise to start.  Then you do 6 reps of each exercise.  Then you do 9 reps of each exercise.  Have you spotted the pattern yet?  Yes, indeed, each round of the workout goes up by 3 reps.  Don't concern yourself with having to do infinity…there isn't enough time in 10 minutes.



Thanks to John H. for suggesting today's WOD!  






 5 Heavy Lifts To Increase Mobility    "As a strength coach of baseball players, I needed the biggest bang
for my buck – hip strength and mobility in one exercise. I
thankfully have too many athletes, too few man-hours, and too little
space to spend 20 minutes per session on mobility work.

The answer? Exercises that make us strong and flexible at the same time."—Dan Blewett for TNation.com


Throw your hat in the ring for the CrossFit Games Open!  The Open is done from March 6th to April 7th.  In that time period a new workout will be released every Wednesday night.  You have until Sunday evening to get the workout done and log it into the CrossFit Games site.  Each week you'll be able to see where you stand against the competitors in our region and all over the world.  The workouts will be done at CrossFit Suffolk.  A judge will be assigned to you when you perform the workout.  The judge will count reps and monitor the standard of motion for each exercise.  It's fun and motivating!  Your only investment is a $20.00 registration fee.  You have nothing to lose and furthering your competitive spirit to gain!
CF Open 2013

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