30 kettlebell swings

20 sit-ups

20 kettlebell swings

30 sit-ups

10 kettlebell swings

40 sit-ups



Jon B.'s nephew, "Big Luke", gets it!  He's fairly new to the weightlifting scene, but look at the perfect high bar placement.  Check out the relaxed elbows pointing straight down.  Observe how the hamstrings perfectly meet the calves.  Heels are down, core is tight.  Now take a good look into the eyes.  What do you see?  Or better yet, what don't you see?

Fear.  Not a trace of it to be found. 

There's no doubt.  No worry.  No uncertainty.

Observe Big Luke's face.  Pure aggression.  He's doing battle with that big back squat and WINNING!

Next time you need to summon the courage to lift a heavy weight I want you to think of Big Luke.  When your friends or family members voice concern about the "danger" of exercising with weights I want you to show them the photo below.  Then smack them…really hard…across the face.  Do it twice if necessary.  (Despite what your mother told you violence does solve some problems!)

Big Luke gets it.  Do you?




Supplements That Suck, Supplements That Work, and Supplements That Are Underrated, Part 1

"Glucosamine is not outright crap; it could potentially be an anti-catabolic (but not anabolic) agent for connective tissue in athletes undergoing high impact training.

However, using it to help deal with joint health is likely wasted
money. It can slightly help (a meta analysis found that it can slightly
reduce pain), but it is nowhere near as amazing as marketed.
"—Sol Orwell for Tony Gentilcore's blog


Supplements That Suck, Supplements That Work, and Supplements That Are Underrated, Part II

"Creatine is most commonly used for the purpose of increasing power
output and the rate of building muscle, and it is definitely proven for
these roles as it is currently the most well researched ergogenic aid
(performance enhancer) in existence.
"—Sol Orwell for Tony Gentilcore's blog

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