EMOM for 10 minutes 2 Back Squats @ 75% 1 RM

4 rounds of:
Run 400m
15 Box Jumps 24/20?
10 Toes to Bar
?rest 2 minutes?
For total time

Note: There is a 20 minute total time limit.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  For those who go to the website "just to see the workout" please continue to scroll down and read to further your understanding of what we're doing.  It is beneficial to both yourself and the coaches. 


EMOM= Every Minute On The Minute

1RM= one rep maximum, the most you can lift one time

rounds= a round is a set of exercises

run= move your feet fast to propel you forward, usually

400m= four hundred meters (once around a high school track)

rest= the period of time where you are pausing from exercise and wondering why you do this stuff anyway.  The period of time when the Weightwatchers and Nutrisystem commercials pop into your head and you begin to question why you are exercising to begin with.  The period of time where you give thanks for finding CrossFit Suffolk and are looking forward to the beginning of the next round.  It's your mind and your rest period…pick one!

total time: the time it takes you to complete the entire workout including the rest periods.

20 minute total time limit= you have twenty minutes to complete all 4 rounds.  At the 20 minute mark you are done…even if you have not finished.  If you have not finished in 20 minutes DO NOT continue and tell the coach you "just want to finish".  Though noble, you had 20 minutes to finish..just move along when the 20 minutes has passed.  Thank you.  Go faster next time….


Lisa…toes to bar



Train Like A Champion: Technique, Habits and Positivity               "……it’s
important to recognize the importance of engaging in positive behavior
and attitude rather than negativity. I mean this in the conventional
new-age sense of actually being mentally positive about what you’re
doing, but also in the sense of actively doing things rather than not
doing things. Instead of thinking about how stupid your habit of
dropping your jerks early is and wishing you would quit missing lifts,
create a new habit of holding all of your jerks overhead for a second
before dropping them. Not only will this improve your lifting, but it
will improve your attitude and your training experience. You can stop
stressing out about what a terrible failure of a weightlifter you are,
and instead take pride and feel satisfaction in your hard work to
e."—Greg Everett, Catalyst Athletics

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