Back Squat 3X3    75%, 80%, 85% 1 Rep Max


3 rounds for time of:

200 meter run

10 pull-ups

15 box jumps (24/20")

20 Abmat Situps



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4 Stronger Squat Exercises        "Before we go on, one more note: sometimes the best exercise to
improve your squat is the squat, whichever variation you happen to
fancy. While having a creative approach is at times necessary and
certainly more fun, make sure that you're building tension in the right
places and squatting well before you worry about fixing problems.

solutions are to be used in concert with great, submaximal squatting.
They won't fix anything unless you're training yourself to squat well."
Todd Bumgardner for TNation.com


Best Ways To Make Dieting Easier    "We all know it. You can't out-train a bad diet. A great body is built
from the consistent application of the principles most important to
the goal, and a proper diet is a huge factor for losing fat and
building muscle. Your training is also at the mercy of what you eat to gain muscle or lose fat.
"—Joy Victoria for TNation.com

[Note: Joy Victoria's article offers sound advice.  I take issue with the word "dieting".  The word "dieting" suggests that you have to eat a particular way for a set period of time in order to lose weight.  While this method works we believe you should adapt an eating lifestyle that supports proper weight management and athletic performance.  This eating lifestyle should facilitate your health and performance and should be the way you ALWAYS eat.  This way it's not viewed as depriving yourself of particular foods for short term weight loss, but making the conscious decision to eat what you know to support health and performance for the rest of your life.

And NO, it isn't hard to do.]–George

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