As many rounds a s possible (AMRAP) in 10 minutes:

5 deadlifts @ 60% 1RM

5 pull-ups

15 sit-ups


Why I CrossFit


Chin-ups At 84 Years Old         "If you haven’t seen it yet, it will take just a minute to rid yourself
of any age-related training excuse. This elderly man is more capable on a
pull-up bar than the majority of our population. Just watching him
makes me want to knock off a few sets
."—Ross Enamait, Ross Training


3 Types Of Fear That May Be Keeping You From Getting Fit (and How To Overcome Them)   "Whether you’re wanting to begin a new fitness routine or are a seasoned
mover, it’s worth your time to evaluate how fear could be preventing you
from reaching your full potential. Confronting that fear can help you
reach your goals and bring you to the next level of your training. Let’s look at some common fears that could be preventing you from getting and staying active."
Tracy Barksdale for Mark's Daily Apple

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