12 minutes to establish a 3rm Push Press

4 rounds for time of:

10 Push Press 75/55lbs
10 Jumping Squats 75/55lbs
20 V?Ups





5 Tips For A Bigger Deadlift   Mike Robertson of Robertson Training Systems and Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training always offers sound advice.  In this TNation article, Robertson breaks down the deadlift execution to 5 concise, easy to understand steps!-–George

How Pro Are You?
"In real life, depth of commitment is more important than talent. It’s
more important than beauty or skill, more important even than luck,
because its produce is perseverance, endurance, tenacity.
"—-Steven Pressfield, Steven Pressfield Online

Note: The above article, How Pro Are You? is by my favorite author, Steven Pressfield.  Pressfield wrote my all-time favorite book, Gates Of Fire (and numerous other books!)  How Pro Are You? comes from Pressfield's online column, Writing Wednesdays.  The obvious mission of the column is to help writers improve their skill.  The not-so obvious mission of the column is to help writers improve their belief system, their work ethic and cultivate excellence.  While the blog post may have been directed towards writers it applies to anyone.  How Pro Are You? does what every great blog post should do: It gets you to think.  It gets you to question yourself.  It will help you clearly define your goals.—George

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