5×1 Press Cluster (push press, push jerk, split jerk) – heaviest possible (without a miss), rest 90 seconds.
12 minute AMRAP of:
3 Muscle?Ups
12 Push Jerk 115/75lbs

Note:  Substitute for Muscle-ups: Modified muscle-up from knees or with band or pull-up/ring dip combination


Melanie, Barbara and Jen T. 

Steve C. in the middle of Outlaw CrossFit's "12 Days Of Christmas" workout!



6 Interesting Things About Strength     "Train several hours a week or more, train hard, incorporate the main
lifts, follow progressive overload, stick with it for an extended
period of time (measured in years, not months), and you'll get
significantly stronger than when you started, not to mention a hell
of a lot stronger than a "normal" person. In addition, as the
strength comes, so do all the health benefits that accompany it.
"—Tim Henriques for TNation.com

Foam Rollers Are For Wimps       "We didn't do enough foam rolling!"

can guarantee that no losing coach from the Super Bowl, Heineken Cup,
or the Olympics will ever utter that phrase as a reason for not
"—Dan John for TNation.com

Note: Don't let the title of the article stop you from reading it or stop you from foam rolling.  Dan John brings up excellent points!–George


After-The-Holidays Party at the gym, Saturday, January 19th.  Save the date!!!!  Details to follow soon!


 Schedule Modifications

Thursday:  Regular schedule

Friday: NO 6:30am-7:30am session.  Regular schedule for all other sessions.

Saturday: Regular schedule.

Monday, December 31, 9-10am, 10am-11am, 11am-12pm ONLY, NO Early Morning or Evening Sessions

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 NO SESSIONS

Wednesday, January 2nd  NO 6:30-7:30am session.  Regular schedule for all other sessions.


This will be a one day national event held in several boxes all over
the U.S. Same works, same day different location. Coming to a GYM near

There is another Garage Games Event on January 12th 2013.  It's a World Wide WOD which means gyms all over the world will be hosting.  Click HERE for further details!  This looks like a good one to do as an introduction to competitions if you're considering competing at some point.  There are 3 divisions: Rx'd, Scaled and Beginner.—-George

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