5 rounds of:
10 KBS 32/24kg
10 Burpees
10 Slapping Pushups






Register to compete in the 2013 CrossFit Games Open.  They start March 6th and go until April 7th.  The weekly Games workouts will be done at our gym.  You enter your score follwing the workouts, we validate them.  See where you stand against CrossFitters from all over the planet.–George


Gourmet Paleo Made Easy By "The Paleo Slow Cooker"   "I have mentioned that I prefer the term “Paleo Template” to “Paleo
diet”, as no single diet is optimal for all individuals. This book does
an excellent job of offering recipes that help those with a more
individualized approach, from low-carbers to endurance athletes. There
are recipes that are safe for those following an autoimmune protocol. It
also includes many recipes using nutritious foods. Animal products,
particularly organ meats, are some of the real super foods,
but can also be some of the most time-consuming and intimidating to
prepare. There are several recipes such as oxtail soup and liver and
onions that are valuable for Paleo newbies and seasoned vets alike
looking to add more vitamins and minerals into their diet.
"—Chris Kresser  Medicine For The 21st Century   

{Note: Some of our athletes have this book and recommend it!  I LOVE using the slow cooker because it's convenient and every meal cooked in the Crock Pot is delicious.  If time is an issue for why you're not cooking or eating healthier a slow cooker and a cook book specifically focused on awesome, Paleo meals is an outstanding idea.  Less than 15 bucks for the book and $30.00 for a Crock Pot–you can't go wrong.}–George

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