15 min to practice & establish a 1rm 3 position Snatch.
Notes: The 3 position Snatch is a combination of 1 hi?hang Snatch, 1 hang Snatch, and 1 full Snatch. The movements will be performed consecutively (without dropping the bar), and a SQUAT is always the
preference. If the athlete does not catch in a squat, they will be required to pass through a full squat.

“Sumo Diane”
21?15?9 of:
Sumo Deadlifts @ 225/155lbs
For time.


John M.



 Some Interesting Thoughts On Running Form


Another great resource for everything Paleo!  This one is from The Paleo Mom and is loaded with great information including the HOWs of eating Paleo and the WHYs behind Paleo.  Awesome!  The Paleo Mom, Sarah Ballantyne, has an article at Robb Wolf.com titled, My Journey To Health From Low-Carb To Paleo To The Autoimmune Protocol.  Interesting read that includes these before and after photos:

Sarah Ballantyne before Paleo

Sarah ballantyne  before

 Sarah Ballantyne after Paleo

Sarah ballantyne after


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