The Spartan Performance Physical Fitness Test(PFT)

One round for max reps (and calories for the row) of:

2 minutes of push-ups (hands release at bottom)

2 minutes of sit-ups

1 minute of strict pull-ups (if unable to perform strict pull-ups a scaled version is allowed)

1 minute of push press (75 lbs. for men/ 50 lbs. for women)

1 minute of air squats

1 minute of rowing

No rest period between exercises





We been asked about meal plans, lists and such ever since the announcement of the Paleo Challenge.  I have no personal experience with two of the below listed resources, but have no issue recommending them.  The authors have solid reputations and we have read other works of theirs.  We own a copy of Everyday Paleo and use it often.  It's awesome in its simplicity.  Highly recommended.

The Whole 30 Success Guide

Personal Paleo Code Meal Plan Generator

Everyday Paleo


Other resources:
Robb Wolf's Links and Resources

The Primal Blueprint Cookbook

Eat Well Feel Good
Make It Paleo
Paleo Comfort Foods
Paleo Cookbook
The Paleo Diet Cookbook

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