5X2 Power Clean and Jerk, heaviest possible, rest 60 seconds


3 rounds for time of:

10 Handstand push-ups

15 Toes to bar

50 KB sumo high pulls




BE ADVISED:  Sorry for the inconvenience, but the 11:15-12:15 session is canceled for Monday, April 29th.  All other sessions will proceed as usual.



The Zombie Diet     "The Inuit aren't just suffering from some polar bear fever that's
iced up their judgment. Take a look at the facts: A serving of lamb
spleen has as much Vitamin C as a tangerine. And a beef lung has 50% more Vitamin C than a tangerine.

But let's stick with liver since it's something all of us are familiar with.

at this comparison between the Vitamin C content of 100 grams of apple,
100 grams of carrots, 100 grams of red meat, and 100 grams of beef

The apple has 7.0 grams of Vitamin C, the carrots have
6.0 grams, the red meat has 0 grams, and the beef liver has 27.0

Let's do the same thing with Vitamin B12.

The apple has no measurable B12 and neither do the carrots. The red meat has 1.84 mcg., but the beef liver has 111.3 mcg.

It's no contest."—TC Luoma, TNation


The Importance Of Ownership and Initiative in Your Training    "Change has a cost, and one you should consider paying. Set your goals,
and then begin to map out how you are going to achieve them. The more
effort you put into your goal, the better chance you’ll have to achieve
it. Ownership means that instead of relying upon others and waiting for the answers to be given to you, you are actively seeking your goals. When
your coach gives you a cue in class or a movement to work on, then you
go home and research it. Spend time practicing on your own, seek out correctives and mobility work that
will let you move how you’re supposed to, and come back better. You
don’t come into the gym a few minutes late, asking the same questions
day after day. If you want progress and success, you don’t make the same
mistakes day after day, and year after year.
"—-Jeff Kuhland for Breaking Muscle



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