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  1. Bevin

    Great picture. Kelly you made me laugh in this picture, then for some reason that Rupaul song came into my head, now it won’t leave, so it maybe unexciting but I think “Work it girl” (hope you all wind up with that song in your head now lol

  2. Al

    Disembodied voice- “Kelly Rosado The Most Interesting Crossfitter In the World”
    Kelly- “When I WOD I don’t always drink water but when I do I perfer Poland Spring

  3. Jon B

    Picture looks like a union job site. 2 or 3 people working and the rest just standing around collecting overtime, looking up and saying shit like, ” That throw looked like 10ft 6inches, you know what I’m saying Joey, forget about it!” And Kelly is just a tourist getting a selfie taken that she will caption, #vacation #NYC #StatueofLiberty

  4. George Demetriou

    Clearly, Jon B. and Al are professionals when it comes to this caption thing! I laughed at all of them though. I knew you guys wouldn’t let me down.

    We still have a few hours left to get more in. In the meantime I propose a short seminar on Captioning Photos with the guest instructors being Jon B. and Al. This could turn into an adult education class at Suffolk Community. I would attend that!

  5. Kelly R

    I’m cracking up!
    I think Ben is up there w you guys too/ his comment made me laugh out loud!

    I had no idea what was happening behind me I just ran to get my water and jane had the camera! ?Lmao!

  6. JaneM

    My first thought was –

    Kelly the crossfit suffolk solar eclipse it is recommended that you avert your eyes and not look directly at her.

    But lamb balls wins every time

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