5 rounds for time of:

5 deadlifts @65% 1 RM

300 meter row OR 200 meter run (your choice)

John M. participated in the 4th Annual Tampa Bay Frogman Swim, a 5K open water swim last weekend!  That's a 3.1 mile swim.

  "The proceeds to the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim will be used to provide
injury assistance to Navy SEALs and tragedy assistance for families who
have lost a loved one in training or combat. Our goal is to provide
support for the Naval Special Warfare Community and perpetuate the
history and heritage of the U.S. Naval Commandos."
Tampa Bay Frogman Swim website

John finished 93rd out of 112 men at 1:45:38.  Let me remind you that the open water is an adverse environment for humans!  Many of the participants were or are Navy SEALs.  The vast majority of participants were from Florida.  John was one of only 2 New Yorkers there.  John swam four times to prepare for this event—in a pool.  There must be something to that CrossFit training, huh?

Outstanding job John and for a very worthy cause!

We're thinking next January may be a nice time to be in Tampa.  Perhaps a team road trip is in order.  Anyone interested in joining John next year for the 2014 Tampa Bay Frogman Swim?

John and Steve representing!

John M.–bringing the shower cap back in style!


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