The Spartan Performance Physical Fitness Test(PFT)

One round for max reps (and calories for the row) of:

2 minutes of push-ups (hands release at bottom)

2 minutes of sit-ups

1 minute of strict pull-ups (if unable to perform strict pull-ups a scaled version is allowed)

1 minute of push press (75 lbs. for men/ 50 lbs. for women)

1 minute of air squats

1 minute of rowing

No rest period between exercises.





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6 Responses

  1. George

    The orders are flying in already. 5 t-shirts were ordered by 10am! No major problems yet…..oh hold on AnnMarie is texting me with a complaint….ok, here we go….yes, as previously stated…LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

  2. Annnmarie

    Ummm… it was more of a question than a complaint. I pointed out that I liked someone’s (can’t remember her name) dri-fit pullover and wanted to know if we can order those. GAME ON! LOL

  3. George

    We are open to almost any suggestions that are legal and compliant with society’s current mores, including getting Dri-Fit pullovers or any other items of apparel as long as there is enough interest.
    AnnMarie remind me when you see the pullover again so I know which one you’re referring to.
    And thanks for participating in the Comments section. It gets lonely here, speaking to Kobe Bryant and hardly anyone else.

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