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  1. Annmarie

    I’m so guilty of living in the past and not concentrating fully on one thing at a time. Both articles hit home. Thanks George!

  2. George Demetriou

    Annmarie–You’re not alone. I believe it’s more common than most people think. We spend so much time reliving the past or thinking about the future and not enough time living in the moment. Unfortunately meditation is considered to be some new-age hokey nonsense or a “religious” thing and it is neither. The whole act of meditation brings your mind to the present and allows you to keep it there.

    One of the main reasons I like Brazilian Jiujitsu is that while I’m “rolling” (sparring) with another person it is virtually impossible to think of anything but what is happening at that moment. Whether I get bested or I do well I walk out of BJJ training in an awesome mood with a clear head.

    I don’t believe you need to “concentrate fully on one thing at a time”, but you don’t need to think about yesterday or tomorrow while your multi-tasking today.

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