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  1. Kelly R

    I am having a girls night tonight at my house! I don’t always see every girl in the gym so this is an open invitation! Everyone is welcome . There’s a bunch of us getting together 7pm- text me or call me for address if you’d like to join us 631-901-7382

  2. Kelly R

    Open invitation haha!

    Good luck to everyone that still has to complete this WOD this weekend and awesome job to everyone that finished yesterday!

  3. John H

    Jealous of the chick’s night out
    For those entering there scores for the games, Lisa D is the judge…. Just i case you weren’t listening to George when he told you
    Also you enter your score by login in

    1. George Demetriou

      BE ADVISED***Lisa and I are the administrators so we VALIDATE the scores after you submit them. Anyone can judge. I just entered my score with Kelly as my judge. Now Lisa will have to validate it.

      You do not have to take or pass the judges course in order to judge during the OPEN. You only have to take the course if you are the affiliates validator and/or you wish to judge at Regionals. Anyone can take the judges course, you don’t have to be a trainer. I recommend the judges course to anyone interested, for your own education and a deeper understanding of movement standards.

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