12 minutes to establish a 2RM Snatch Balance
3 rounds for time of:
50 Double?Unders
25 Burpees
25 Ab?Mat Situps

Jen R.







USA Weightlifting Talent Identification      If your passionate about the Olympic Lifts perhaps you should consider this event: USA Weightlifting is holding a Talent Identification session in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 25th.  The session is free of charge and “all athletes of all abilities are welcome.”  For more info click here.


Civilian Military Combine   Next event locally is on September 14th in Brooklyn, NY.  You can register as an individual or with a 3-person team.  The Civilian Military Combine includes an obstacle race as well as a crossfit-like challenge.  For more info on the NYC Urban Assault click here.




Thoughts On The Home Invasion in Millburn, New Jersey Last Month


I hesitated on commenting or re-posting about the following news item for several reasons.  Among those reasons is I believe the video is disturbing and I don’t want to be a catalyst to spread fear. 


The other side of this argument and ultimately the side that “won” is the hope that I can raise awareness and be a catalyst to have a plan.  So please keep in mind that my intention is not to damage anyone’s soul nor make you fearful.  Of all the things I learned from the Star Wars movies I truly believe that Fear and Anger (or fear and ignorance) do in fact lead to the “Dark Side”.


The topic I speak of is the home invasion/assault/burglary that turned into a robbery nightmare that ocurred in Millburn, New Jersey.  Here’s the quick version: A man with 12 prior felony convictions broke into a home he apparently thought was unoccupied.  He was going to commit a burglary.  A women with two small children was home and was severely beaten.  The woman offered no resistance and made no attempt to do anything yet she was assaulted several times.    The entire event was caught on the family’s “Nanny-Cam”.


The below video link is from the local news in New Jersey.  This version features commentary from the victim and her husband.  At the time of this news report the bad guy was still at large.  He has since been captured.  *******The video is graphic and not family safe.******* 

Video Shown On News

There is another video that is mostly analysis, commentary and demonstration by Rener Gracie of  Gracie Jiu-jitsu and Eve Torres available here.  It’s 38 minutes long, but worth watching for tactical reasons.


What made me feel it was necessary to offer my own comments?


One, this comment from a neighbor of the victim, “Hopefully, this doesn’t happen again, and hopefully there aren’t any other people like him,” she said.  (Borrowed from this news article)


“Hope” is good to have, but a terrible strategy.


It will happen again, somewhere, sometime.


There are plenty of people like “him”.  There are people who commit burglary, robbery and rape like it’s their job.  For many it is their job.  It’s what they think about doing, plan on doing and enjoy doing. 


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is not to live in fear, but not live in denial either.  Be aware and have a plan.  Every citizen has an absolute right to defend themselves, their family and their homes.  How you choose to do so is the subject for another article. 


Mindset is the top priority.  Acknowledging that bad things can happen to good people in “safe” places is the first step in the right direction.  Answering the question, “What would you do if this happened to you?”, is the next step.  Following up with a plan requires multiple steps, but will complete the process.


Strategies include:


“Target hardening”–having a sturdy door, sturdy locks, locking windows and an alarm system.  A Rottweiler, German Shepherd, or Malinois is also an excellent option.


Self-Protection: This is a personal choice that must be explored.  The option has to fit the individual’s personality and mindset.  Regardless of the choice training is required to be optimal.


The second reason I felt it necessary to comment:  Having read numerous comments to the effect of, “There’s really nothing you can do in that situation.”




Actully this is a true statement IF that’s what you believe.  We’re right back to mindset.


For proper motivation please read my article, I Survived…..By Killing My Assailant


Let’s explore some concepts:


1) Violent offenders are almost NEVER trained fighters.  They are dangerous because they use aggression, surprise and violence of action to overwhelm victims.  This is mitigated by not being surprised and having an effective plan for dealing with aggression.


2) You are not going to make a violent offender “mad”.  I respectfully submit that anyone who kicks in your front door and continually beats you when absolutely no resistance is offered, is already pretty angry.  By fighting back you may just convince him that his safety and avoiding capture by police is at risk.  Predators don’t mind some token resistance, they expect it.  What they do mind is a vicious counter-attack.  This is true of humans and animals.  Predators look for the “weakest gazelle in the herd”.  Don’t act like prey and you won’t trigger a predator response.


We had a similar incident as the one in Millburn in my own home some months back.  I failed to take my own advice about traget hardening and left my front door unlocked while I went on an errand.  Pure complacency.  Fortunately for everyone involved my wife stayed quiet while the stranger walked up our stairs, upon entering my home without authorization.  Before he could make it all the way up she asked, in her angry voice, “Can I help you?”  If you know Lisa you understand there is no Prey Behavior.  In fact, she became the predator for a moment and caused a Prey Response in the burglar who turned and ran out of the house.  The situation may have been much different if Lisa was surprised and acted scared.


3) Some folks claim that they don’t keep a weapon in the house and to this I say nonsense.  Everything is a weapon.  Kitchen utensils, glasses, plates, small appliances, TV remote controls, chairs, you name it.  Seeing everyday objects as weapons and using them as such is just a different mentality that I suggest all responsible people adapt.


4) Some commenter made the claim that people who have firearms in their homes almost always have their guns taken and used against them.  To this I say pure bovine scatology! 


Has this happened?


I’m sure it has.  Does it usually happen?  If yes, then please show me the research.  And don’t cite some flawed research that includes suicides, homicides and accidents please.  Show me real data where a person used a firearm in their home in order to stop a criminal act and had their firearm taken from them.  It rarely happens and it NEVER happens when the trigger is pulled.


5) What if the bad guy in Millburn did attack the 3 year-old?  Do you think there may have been a different response by the mother?


I do.  Read the item from November/2006 in the I Survived….By Killing My Assailant article and you’ll understand.  Women will suffer attacks to keep their attacker away from their children.  When the violators turn their attention toward the children most mothers will instantly become the predator. 


What if we could change the mindset to: In order to protect my children I have to first protect myself.  It isn’t selfish, it’s logical.  You cannot protect your children if you are locked in another room or dead.


Something to think about!


As always your comments, complaints, thoughts and concerns are always welcome.

—-George Demetriou–

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