Run 800M for time.

*The AMRAP will start exactly 8 minutes after the start of the run.
8 minute AMRAP of:
10 Behind the Neck Push Press @ 115/75# (no racks)
20 Perfectly Vertical KBS @ 24/16kg
30 Double?Unders

*Rest 4 minutes.
Run 800m for time.

[Note: If there are thunderstorms DO NOT RUN.  If you don’t wish to run in the rain just do the AMRAP….really…it’s okay.]


Balance Is Power!  Improve The Kinetic Chain For Enhanced Performance       “Balance is the key to success in all sports. Who is the best athlete? The one who looks the most graceful and balanced. The object of most sports is to either be better balanced at a high performance level, or to throw the other guy off balance.”—Jim Klopman

Jim Klopman is the inventor/developer of the SlackBow and Dynamic Athletic Balance Gyms. At 58 he wanted to continue to perform at a high level. Two years ago he realized the missing link was the natural loss of balance. He went to work developing his own system to improve his balance. He soon realized that he had discover one of the secrets of all athletic performance, super athletic balance. Find out more.


Elastic energy storage in the shoulder and the evolution of high-speed throwing in Homo            “Darwin speculated that bipedalism might have contributed to humans’ unique ability to throw things so well. Although some primates, including our closest relatives — chimpanzees, will throw objects now and then, their throws do not come close to matching the speed and accuracy achieved by even young human boys. Neil Roach and colleagues analysed the biomechanics of collegiate baseball players’ throwing motion in order to better understand the evolution of this novel behaviour. Their findings show that adaptations in the human upper body allow us to store and release elastic energy in the shoulder in a catapult-like fashion. Evidence of these key shifts in morphology that make this energy storage possible is preserved in the hominin fossil record. From these fossils, the authors infer that the ability to throw objects with high speed probably arose with Homo erectus, and may have had a crucial role in early hunting.”—-Neil T. Roach, Madhusudhan Venkadesan, Michael J. Rainbow, Daniel E. LiebermanNature 498, 483-486 (July 2013)

[Note: Further evidence that we were designed to hunt and therefore eat meat.  Spirited debate is always welcomed here at Spartan Performance in case you had a different opinion that you’d like to share.–George]



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