TODAY’S SESSIONS: SPARTAN KIDS- 9:15-9:45 AM            ADULTS- 10-11 AM & 11 AM-12 PM



















The goal of the 6 week Front Squat program was to not only improve upon the front squat itself, but also to improve the thruster, wall ball, and the Clean.  The goal was also to improve upon muscular endurance for the squat and midline stability.  By all accounts the program was a huge success.  Most participants reported improved wall ball and thruster technique which was observed by how infrequently sets of the two exercises were “broken” as compared to workouts before the Front Squat Program.  When the 1X20 at 60% of the 1-rep max was retested all participants experienced a faster set of 20 reps and almost everybody did it “unbroken”.  While it was not our goal we were hoping the 1-rep max for the Front Squat would go up as well.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that nearly all the participants, so far, experienced at least a 5 pound increase in their 1-rep max with many adding much more.  For example:

Sal went from 300 lbs. to 315 lbs., Danny went from 185 lbs. to 240 lbs.,  Danielle went from 90 to 105 lbs., Shayna went from 105 to 130 lbs., Matt M. went from 300 to 325 lbs., John H. went from 300 to 320 lbs., Ben went from 190 to 200 lbs., Jay went from 185 to 225 lbs., Ashley went from 65 to 125 lbs., Maria from 155 to 165 lbs., Patrick W. from 195 to 245 lbs., Ali Mc from 115 to 130 lbs., George from 220 to 225 lbs., Mike K. from 280 to 285 lbs., and Tara M. from 35 to 70 lbs.!  Many more will be retesting their 1-rep max in the coming week and we’re looking forward to seeing the results!—George 

************************************************************************************************************************Melissa D. is competing in the International Powerlifting Association event, The Night Before Christmas Powerlifting Championship, TODAY!  It starts at 9 AM.  The event is at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center located at 3845 Veterans Highway in Ronkonkoma.  Click HERE for more info.  Good luck Melissa!

*************************************************************************************************************************GROUPON OFFER FOR MAY 9TH CITIFIELD SPARTAN RACE:   Annmarie has informed us that Groupon has a great offer for Spartan Races–$59.00!  If you’ve done a Spartan Race before you know at least 2 things: (1) They’re fun to do and (2) $59.00 is a great price!  Click HERE for the Groupon and CitiField Spartan Race info.  THERE IS JUST 1 DAY LEFT ON THIS OFFER.


LOCAL COMPETITION ON JANUARY 17TH…..CROSSFIT 631 THROWDOWN 2.0 is open for registration.  Click HERE to register, see what the workouts for the competition are and to get further info!  We had several competitors at the event last year and a good time was had by all!


TODAY’S SESSIONS: SPARTAN KIDS 9:15-9:45 AM        ADULTS- 10-11 AM & 11 AM- 12 PM

****NO 12-1 PM TODAY*****

Workout of the Day
1 round for time:
10 deadlift 185/135#
20 kettlebell swings 24/16kg
10 toes to bar
20 kettlebell swings
10 V-ups
20 kettlebell swings 24/16kg
10 hand release push-ups
20 kettlebell swings
10 box jumps 24/20″
20 kettlebell swings

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

6 Responses

  1. Ben B.

    Great job everyone! Amazing results!

    My sister Katy has signed up for the 631 Throwdown, I hope that a few of you will sign up so she has some friends by her side. I will not be there to cheer her on as I have a 10 mile race on that same day (I’m very upset about this). You’re all wonderfull people and I’m glad to be a part of this gym, surrounded by strong encouraging humans, thank you.

  2. Kelly R

    Nice job everyone!
    Ben I will be there to cheer on Katy & Kerri at the 631 comp! Can’t wait
    Good luck on your run and cheer on Melissa today for me

  3. George

    No worries Ben. There are others from the gym who have signed up and will be signing up for the 631 Throwdown! We had at least a half dozen do it last time. I imagine this time we’ll get at least that many.

    I’ll see you, at some point, at Melissa’s competition.

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