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HEART RATE VARIABILITY: THE NEW SCIENCE OF RECOVERY  To the uninitiated this article may seem irrelevant to your training.  It isn’t.  We believe the use of the heart rate monitor to check an athlete’s state of recovery is going to become standard protocol.  Understanding your heart rate will provide for a more accurate idea of when we can increase intensity level and when we should pull back our training.  The Breaking Muscle article, by Craig Marker, explores this further and Marker was good enough to point us to free apps to work in conjunction with some of the heart rate monitors currently available.–George



PROJECT ORDER-YOUR-SHIRT-OR-TANK TOP is still under way.  Go to yesterday’s blog if you have no idea what I’m talking about.  Order will be placed on Saturday.  This is a PRE-ORDER Operation which requires your payment by noon tomorrow.


On Saturday (tomorrow) the workout of the day will be a 3 part event to simulate the competition that several of our athletes are participating in on November 15th.  There will be 2 sessions only.  PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION HERE….STOP READING IF YOU JUST WOKE UP AND HAVEN’T HAD COFFEE.  COME BACK WHEN YOU’RE FULLY AWAKE.  I’ll wait…………….

Oh…hey…welcome back… as I was saying, there will be 2 sessions only: 10-11:30am and 11:30am-1PM.  Yes, (2) one and one-half hour sessions of fun and excitement.  You will not only be working out.  We will be helping the competition participants by acting as judges and/or cheering them to keep them moving when they don’t want to move anymore.  We will be simulating the competition environment to better prepare our friends.  You will work out and have fun.  The competitors will bleed in training so they don’t have to bleed during combat.

I see you back there trying to avoid eye contact.  You’re wondering whether you should show up for this.  You’re thinking you’re too new.


You need to be here because the workout will be scaled for you just like any other workout PLUS did I mention we will be having F-U-N?  Suppose you want to do some of the workout but not all 3 events?  That’s absolutely fine!  We’d love to have you (and you can help cheer!)

Here’s a preview of the workouts.  Modifications will be made so whoever wants to participate will be able to do so.

Event 1

Clean Ladder:

Score = Max weight + deadlifts (each deadlift = 1lb added to your score)

30 seconds per station

When you fail, max reps deadlifts in remaining time

2 attempts allowed before deadlifts, but you may just make 1 attempt if you’d like

If you are able to complete the HEAVIEST weight, you have the option of deadlifting the remainder of the 30 seconds (each deadlift = 1lb) OR attempting an additional clean (each additional clean = 10lbs)

Men’s Ladder:

155, 170, 185, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 265, 275, 285, 300, 315

RX begins at 185

Scaled begins 155

Women’s Ladder:

65, 75, 95, 105, 120, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205

RX begins at 105

Scaled begins at 65

Event 2

Field WOD:

Score = Total reps with time as tie breaker

10 min cap:

Men’s/Women’s RX:

50 KB SDLHP (53/44)

20m burpee broad jump

40 KB swings (53/44)

20m burpee broad jump

30 Goblet squats (53/44)

20m burpee broad jump

20 KB snatches (10 per side) (53/44)

20m burpee broad jump

10 KB pistol squats (5 per leg) (53/44)

Men’s/Women’s Scaled:

50 KB SDLHP (35/26)

20m burpee broad jump

40 KB swings (35/26)

20m burpee broad jump

30 Goblet squats (35/26)

20m burpee broad jump

20 KB lunges (10 per side) (35/26)

20m burpee broad jump

10 KB ground to overhead (5 per side) (35/26)

Event 3

Score = Total reps (jump rope + HSPU or push-ups) with jump rope time as tie breaker

4 min:

Men’s/Women’s RX:

100 double-unders

HSPU in remaining time

Men’s/Women’s Scaled:

4 min:

200 singles

Hand-release push-ups in remaining time

See me, call me, email me or text me if you have questions or concerns.—George


Workout of the Day

Front Squat 1X20 (60% 1RM+15#)

Note: Add 5 lbs. to weight used in the last 1X20 session.  Strive to perform this set of 20 reps unbroken, but if you cannot then take as brief a rest as possible.  The goal of this front squat plan is muscular endurance not absolute strength.

4 Rounds for time:

Run 200m

2 Strict Press 95/65

4 Push Press 95/65

6 Push Jerk 95/65

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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