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THE HIGH FAT DIET FOR RUNNERS  Do not read the word “runners” and decide this article has no bearing on your life.  It does.  The article isn’t about “running” or “runners” per se, it’s about fat and performance.  You need to read this article and those like it because we have been misinformed about fat for so long that people still believe fat is making them, well…. fat.—George

Workout of the Day
Hang power snatch: 1X3 @ 80% 1RM
Hang snatch: 1X3@ 70% 1RM
Snatch: 1X3 @ 70% 1RM

4 rounds for time of:
7 hang power snatch @ 70% 1RM
10 box jumps 24/20″
25 sit-ups

Optional & NOT for time:
4 rounds of:
400 meter run
1 minute rest between runs

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

4 Responses

  1. Kelly R

    Ben- I have no knowledge of marathons. I have never watched one nor have I ever ran one! But I know you did awesome and I know your a hell of a runner. Can you share w us what you ate? What did u eat the night before? The day of? During and after? I am always curious about food and fueling our bodies and after reading this article George posted, I am curious what you did to get through that race. Thanks!

    1. Ben B.

      Prior to this marathon I never needed any type of extra fuel, and never had any real carbo load ritual. I usually just ate regular 3 square meals a day, then went running usually mornings after only coffee and maybe a banana, or after work 4 or 5 hours after my last meal (just how long after lunch I got home, not a plan). So I tried my first 20 mile training run on that same principal, but put 3 500ml bottles of water on the course. This is when I hit a painful wall and started additionally fueling on longer runs. The night before the marathon I went off my “mostly paleo” diet and had a burger and fries and two beers. Morning of 2-3 hours before the marathon I had two bananas and an apple. During the marathon I took in 600 calories while running with a fuel I found on the Internet, Tailwind. I think it worked great. Afterward, my friend had a party and all they had was pasta, so I ate a ton of it. The next morning was pancakes for breakfast and pizza for lunch. This all seemed to have worked for me because I felt good and was not too sore the next day. Thank you for the kind words Kelly!

  2. Kelly R

    Thanks for sharing Ben 🙂 I’m always curious about what people that perform well eat! I asked your sister this question months ago also- there’s so much to learn from all you guys! I appreciate it. I’m still working on the talk we had months ago about running and finding a stride. Slowly but surely my running is getting better.
    You really did well and you should be really proud! What a physical accomplishment but more so a mental one ! Kudos and much respect! See you during the week 🙂

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