Lauren….14 weeks pregnant and STRONG!





























 We have come up with a 3 month trial solution in order to help you save time.  After this week we will no longer post the Workout Of The Day.  You can find out the Workout Of The Day when you arrive at the gym.  Some of you will find out from your friends no doubt so, in the spirit of fairness, we will have two separate workouts, one for morning sessions and one for evening sessions.–George

Workout of the Day

7 rounds for time of:
10 jumping back squats 45/35#
10 burpees

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Bethany

    Yesss curious as well…also a bit type A/like to be prepared…how come you won’t be posting it ahead of time?
    Awesome Lauren!!

  2. Kelly R

    Lauren you look awesome! & strong mama!
    Have you considered at least posting the strength part of the workout?
    I sometimes plan my food depending on the lifts- like the other day when we did dead lifts 1rm, I ate like a beast all day!
    And I have 3 different workout shoes I will have to bring all of them.
    & just a side note- I will have to shave now all the time! Lmao
    However, I will go w the flow & follow your lead on this one.

  3. Annmarie

    Lauren – I must be living under a rock!! I had no idea! You look beautiful. Congratulations pretty mama!

    George – Not happy!!! You know I love ya, but I like to be prepared, watch videos ahead of time, eat according to the work out, etc. With that said, I’m sure there’s a method to your madness so I too will go with the flow and see what happens!

  4. George

    I will keep the format as is for now. Beth, to answer your question, it would save time for the folks who scroll down to the WOD and don’t read anything else. There would be no reason for them to go to the website at all. It makes no sense to you, Kelly and Bethany because you all actually read what’s on the website. Let’s take a look at the comments at the end of the day. You’ll see the same names you always do. Most of the membership will not notice the “Something New” message because they won’t have time to read it. Not everyone comments, I get it, but I guarantee they won’t ask about it either. We’ll consider this an experiment.

  5. Jenna R

    1. Lauren you rock!
    2. Ahh I’m not a fan of this! I read everything posted as soon as I wake up, I just never usually comment anything
    And I use the posted wod to decide what to wear(pants/shorts/high socks- or running shoes/lifting shoes) but as annmarie said, I’ll go with the flow!

  6. Jen D

    Oh and Kelly…. Soo funny u said that about shaving… As I was hanging from the bar the other day during the toes to bars (not that I was actually getting my toes to the bar) I was thinking to myself “thank god I shaved my armpits last night” hahahaha!!!

  7. Vinny

    Although I am only here for one more week, I disagree with the change to the web site. I would rather know the WOD in advance..And personally, leaving for law school and NOT having the WOD on the web site, only allows the members in person to know the WOD. What about the members who are unable to come in, or say, are 1,000 miles away at school?
    Hoping for reconsideration to these changes!


  8. Richie G

    I will admit, I don’t always read the articles. I do read all the Gym updates though. I like seeing the WOD everyday. I hope you will reconsider Coach. Either way, it won’t change my attendance.

    ~ Richie G.

  9. Amie

    George I too like to read the WOD AND the articles! When I am unable to make it to the box that day if possible I try to do the WOD on my lunch hour or at least the strength part. I wasn’t going to comment on it cuz I figured multiple people must have annoyed the crap out of you which caused you to post that….but since everyone else is I’m with them I like to see the WOD it’s part of my morning routine. I read the the WOD and articles on the train

  10. Maria C

    I just want to contribute to the evidence that more of us read the blog than may regularly comment. I love my morning routine of reading the blog and getting excited about the WOD. Some days knowing what we have to work on at the box is the best motivation to get through my day. Also, please consider that separate programs for AM and PM may be confusing for those of us (me) that skip around do to factors outside of our control. Much love and appreciation to the coach!

    And Lauren is my hero!

  11. Michelle

    PLEASE continue to post the workouts (I need to prepare in advance mentally) – not knowing will cause me stress – THANK YOU!

  12. Danielle Sengstock

    Hi George! Just wanted to chime in, and give my two cents. I love reading the blog- also love the posting of the WOD. It helps me mentally prepare for the evening workout. You are a great coach, and whatever you decide, is for the best. Kindest regards, Danielle

  13. JaneM

    I am also one of those people that reads the Blog as part of my morning routine. I finally stopped waking up in the middle of the night and with nothing else checking out the Blog. Sleeping is much better. But I can only hold off until I get on the train. I instantly check Spartan Performance. Then I hop over to the Outlaw Way, then Connectivity, then Outlaw and finally the mothership, Crossfit.

    I many times cannot see the articles on my phone so I have to catch up when I get home. I hate when people are talking or commenting about an article that I haven’t read because I know I missed something good.

    I like to know the WOD but it will never deterred me from coming in. Even when it is handstand pushups or muscle ups. Things this old goat with crappy shoulders will never master.

    So maybe you can provide just hints of the WOD. Like:

    It may contain:
    Back squats
    Box Jumps
    Push ups

  14. lil

    how can I coordinate my outfit for the day if idk what the wod is?!?! i cant wear my yay burpee socks if theres no burpees in the wod **the agita is kicking in** please reconsider.
    Sincerely someone who reads your blogs almost everyday but rarely comments bc honestly im too lazy to do so 🙂
    PS Lauren lookin good girl!!!!

  15. Dan


    Just because I don’t post here, doesn’t mean I don’t read the articles/comments. I find the articles valuable, but I also value knowing what the workout is. There is a level of preparedness (both mental and physical) that comes with knowing.

    That being said, I can roll with whatever you go with.

  16. Brian Costello

    Please don’t change a thing about website. It’s the first thing I check in the morning on the train. I agree it helps to know what the workout is because it gives me a chance to mentally prepare whether it’s certain stretching or actually practicing the moves throughout the day. I understand what you mean about not everyone reading the blogs but don’t punish the ones who do. With that said you’re an awesome coach and if that’s your decision I’ll adapt and overcome. Lol. See what I did there.
    Also Lauren your amazing.

    1. Ben B.

      I think you nailed that one.

      I love the articles, especially the ones that contradict articles you’ve posted in the past, gives good perspective. And I was a little bummed there was no article today. I really love when they pertain to the workout, like the Turkish get up article on Friday, then through that article I hit a link and learned about the arm bar (actually just a refresher because Lisa showed us).

      I’d say more but the others have covered it well enough.

  17. Cindy

    I like knowing the Wod before I go , to plan what shoes to wear but will adapt to whatever you give us George… Love working out at our crossfit and all the great people I have met… The unknown workout could be exciting …

    1. Lauren

      John, I more than likely was thinking about what I was going to eat, after I was done with those kettlebell swings.

  18. Ali

    I don’t comment too often because I usually read the blog while I’m laying in bed and I end up dropping my phone on my face. Also, i too like to plan my outfit based on the workout.. You know.. Don’t wear a loose shirt if it’s a handstand push up day. But I can adapt by bringing various outfit options!

  19. beth

    Hmm so george i guess your now seeing how many of us do read the website…we dont always comment but we do read…the dumb shits that don’t read any of the articles are losing out…too bad for them…i like the pictures too!!!

  20. George Demetriou

    Well that was interesting!

    Introduce a little controversy and BAM!…an unprecedented 34 comments. Thank you all for your feedback I do appreciate it. That includes those who spoke to me face to face and those who texted me.

    I was never going to stop posting the WOD. I just wanted to see who was paying attention. This was prompted by the 4 or 5 people who asked me if the Edged Weapon Review course was open to our members. This question was asked AFTER the course was over. This question was asked after weeks of me posting about it and providing links with more information.

    Why would I blog about a course given in our gym, over and over again, if it wasn’t open to our members? Who would it be open to? AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Anyway, everything is good, no worries. The WOD will be posted as usual. Now at least I know that about 30 of you read the blog and know how to comment. After last night I have a pretty good idea who doesn’t really have a clue as to what’s going on half the time. And that’s alright….as long as they don’t complain about not knowing.


  21. Carol

    Ok…so it’s 2:15am, can’t sleep so I thought I would check for WOD, I like reading articles and knowing what I am getting myself into with the WOD.

  22. George


    You are getting sleepy…sleepy…sleepy…you’re eyes are too heavy …you have to shut them…you feel sooooooo tired and BAM!….you’re asleep.

    You’re welcome!

  23. Carol

    LOL…. might as well just get up now….I’m thinking if I don’t sleep I won’t feel the soreness in my legs tmrw. (This morning)…………

  24. Dean V

    Hi George. Just another confirmation to add to the pile that I read everything you post daily whether I go or not and have gone back to read posts prior to when I first joined. Although I like the idea of not knowing what I am showing up for, but I do agree with the rest about knowing what to wear and getting the opportunity to read up on exercises ahead of time.
    (Congrats Lauren & Andrew!)

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