Lisa finished 142 out of 200 women in the 45-49 year old age group, worldwide, for the CrossFit Games Master Qualifier!  Only 53 of the 200 were able to complete all 4 of the qualifier events….it was that challenging!  This is the end of the road for Lisa regarding the 2014 CrossFit Games, but it was further than many other competitors traveled.  It was a tough road, but one that a tough lady like Lisa wouldn’t have any other way!  Great job Lisa!

Good luck to the competitors who advanced!





Breathing is very important to life (obviously), yet very few of the athletes and general population clients that I see understand how to do it effectively. I can probably recall one person out of twenty people that I’ve assessed who has had an adequate breathing pattern. Now, the standards for breathing are out there, and it can be quantified via tidal volume, respiratory rate, and various laboratory equipment. However, my focus is purely on immediate performance in the gym and on the field.”—Miguel Aragoncillo, An Intellectual Approach To Movement and Dancing



A sedentary lifestyle, even if you are already training at a high volume and intensity, will compromise metabolism and may lead to fat gain.”—Poliquin Editorial Staff, Poliquin Group


[Note: We re-post this article mainly for those individuals who are primarily motivated by optimizing body composition or to put more plainly, wanting to look “good”.  We believe that training for athletic performance has the by-product of making one “look good” or at least look better by increasing lean muscle and decreasing body fat.

We re-post the above quote for the purpose of beating the message into the heads of exercisers who have trouble with the concept that training hard (and smart!) for an hour a day doesn’t entitle you to eat “whatever” and remain relatively inactive for the remaining hours.

There are several factors involved regarding body composition.  Factors such as diet, exercise, genetics, sleep, time spent active/inactive, the consumption of alcohol and, for some, the taking of medication.

The optimal end of the spectrum looks like this:

*Having a nutrition plan that supports your overall health, training and ideal body composition,

*Training that enhances strength, endurance, and overall health,

*Good genetics,

*Sleep that is long enough and deep enough to support recovery,

*Remaining active throughout the day, sitting as little as possible

*Keeping the consumption of alcohol to a minimum if at all,

*Remaining as medication-free as possible,

*Keeping stress to a minimum


The least desirable end of the spectrum looks like this:

*Having a poor nutritional plan,

*No exercise or physical activity,

*Poor genetics,

*Consistent lack of sleep,

*Hours a day of inactivity,

*Daily or near daily consumption of alcohol,

*Cigarette smoking,

*Narcotics use for no legitimate reason,

*Abusing prescription medication,

*Chronic stress and anxiety


Obviously the goal is to get as close to the optimal end of the spectrum as possible.  When you are not satisfied with your training results look to the “optimal” list to see what’s missing.  You cannot do anything about genetics, but everything else on the list is mostly within your control.  We recognize that having a “desk job” is a difficult fix, but perhaps, by being more aware of the benefit of moving, you can find ways to improve your situation.

I’d love to stay and impart wisdom, but I have to go get my 5 whole hours of sleep.–George


Workout of the Day
For time:
500 meter row
then (immediately):
5 rounds for time of:
5 strict pull-ups
7 front squats @ 50% 1RM

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

6 Responses

  1. Lauren

    We are all so proud of you, Lisa. I know that I speak for most of us when I say that, especially the women. You’re a wonderful role model, an inspiration to so many and so much more, especially to me, personally. No matter how far you go, you’ll continue to be a winner in my eyes. Congratulations on your accomplishment! Love you, always!

  2. Kelly r

    Congrats! You just continue to amaze me and continue to push me to work harder just by the amount of hard work you do. You are such a role model to all of us, especially us moms & us women. I often just have to simply look at you to be motivated to work my ass off! Thank you and congrats!!!

  3. John H

    Forget brother/sister relationships, Lisa I would stand side by side with you, toe to toe against any foe, I’d shed my blood for you. No words needed just a look I got your back, lets kick some ASS

  4. Bevin

    Lisa I think I can speak for us all, especially the women and even more so the moms when I say you are number 1 in our eyes. Your are inspiring, encouraging, motivating and so much much much more. The entire group of us, we are all so lucky to have you as a coach.

  5. lisa

    Thank you Lauren…you are truly an amazing Coach, Mom and Wife! One of your strongest attributes is that you focus on the poitive..and no matter what you have going on you make time and an “ear” for everoyne!!! You are patient, knowledgeable and sooo well loved!! I deeply appreciate your kind words. The qualifier was really tough because I’m not recovered but with the love and support, encouregment and faith of good friends I took a chance and I’m so glad I listened to you. We truly have a great box filled with many good people!!! Thank you sooo much for your kind words! XOXO YOU are the inspirational one!! Your a Mom, wife and Coach and you take very good care of your family!! Thank you I can’t say it enough!!! I’m so blessed to have you representing Team Spartan! Love ya!!

    Kelly you are another one! Im blessed!! You have a great heart and are always there to help anyone! It’s people like you that make our box so special! You have achieved so much for yourself!!! We love you!!! Always!!! XO

    Thank you ladies!!! Keep up the good work!!
    Love ya!

  6. lisa

    John H:

    I believe you!! You ARE such a good person!!! 🙂

    Next year John..we are going all the way! We are going to battle …LOL thank you for your encouragement and more importanly your friendship!

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