Congratulations to Cindy for her first full rope climb!   Cindy did the CrossFit Total then figured she was warmed enough to climb the 15′ rope.  Outstanding job Cindy!  (Special thanks to Jade for working with Cindy on her rope climb technique!)




Did you ever read a well written, scientifically researched article that goes against everything you’ve previously heard or read?  Well here you go and you’re welcome!  The author, Alex Viada, is a strength & conditioning coach who competes in Powerlifting and Endurance events like marathons, ultramarathons and triathlons.  That’s not a typo…he competes in Powerlifting and Endurance Races.  These two types of events are diametrically opposed to each other and being able to do both goes against conventional thinking. 

Once coach and powerlifting competitor Greg Nuckols mentioned Alex Viada in the interview we re-posted a couple of days ago we felt compelled to Google Viada’s name and see what he was about.  We’re glad we did! To say Viada’s website, Complete Human Performance, is interesting is an understatement.  As a CrossFitter or anyone who believes in excellence in human performance, the subject of being extremely strong, maintaining a lean, but muscular body and having the endurance of a triathlete is fascinating.  It’s fascinating because conventional wisdom states having all these qualities at the same time is nearly impossible.  Not so say Viada and Nuckols.

For those wondering, Viada’s Nutrition For Athletes Part 1 can be found HERE.  Part 2 had more controversy and we figured it would hook you faster than reading Part 1 first.  Pardon me.—George


Workout of the Day
7X1 Hang Snatch (just above knee) – work to a max for the day

3 rounds for time:
400 meter run
21 kettlebell swings (1.5 pood)
12 pull-ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. JaneM

    Great job Cindy. Toes to bar last week. Rope climb this week. The crossfit world should be nervous. There is another beast in the making.

  2. George Demetriou

    No Brian…American KBS. We just want to ensure you’re up on your Russian units of measure. You never know when it will come in handy!

  3. Cindy A

    Jane, no need for the crossfit world to be nervous…the toes to bar haven’t improved since last week…like I said keep that video for proof…lol…Jade thanks again for all you help with the rope…

  4. Jade

    I’m a day late, but yay Cindy!!! : )

    George, I enjoyed the Viada articles, I’ll probably checking into more of his stuff. I thought the “a macro is a macro” idea interesting and new, you don’t hear that too often. And as far as the wheat/grains thing goes, I think this what he says makes sense – if you don’t have any observable trouble with certain foods, then it’s probably unnecessary to avoid them. Unfortunately for me this is not the case, or maybe its fortunate – it keeps me from indulging in terrible things. What I especially loved though was his macro ratio recommendations! I don’t think this would hold true for everyone, as I don’t think anything does… but when I was strict paleo i.e. VERY limited carbs (well under 100 g/day) with higher fat and protein – I put on weight and didn’t feel great. And I never adapted, even tried the keto thing – still never adapted. Once I was fully sure that wasn’t working, I added in as many carbs [fruit, yams, and uh dark chocolate] as my heart desired, cut the meat intake down – and viola! 10 pounds gone and feeling much better in the gym! Now I just need to fine tune the calories. Paleo is great, but still its not a one size fits all.

  5. George Demetriou

    Thanks for sharing your personal findings. This is exactly what I explain to folks when they ask about nutrition and eating. There are some things that are bad for everyone and there are some things that are good for everyone. The rest of the story is finding what works for you and what does not. As you stated, there needs to be experimentation or you’ll never really know. I believe Paleo is a good base, a good place to start, but using it as a template and not as gospel, is the way to go.

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