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  1. JaneM

    So we made it through another work week. Well all right we still have to get through today. I find I have gotten used to working from home for the most part. I do miss my table of buddies that I sat with every day. We worked hard but had many laughs throughout the day. I do miss walking to the market next to my building with Naomi, Jeanny and Brenda to get lunch. I miss the cashier that we jokingly referred to as “Miss Sunshine” who never seemed to smile. I made it my mission to get her to smile and I was victorious. I miss the coffee truck guy who was always on the phone and speaking in Arabic, a very harsh sounding language at 7:30 in the morning. But he always had my order ready as I walked up to his truck (large coffee milk no sugar and a bottle of water).

    And lastly to get all wizard of oz-y I miss Crossfit Suffolk most of all. I miss the 8PMers and catching up with everyone on Saturday. I miss lifting heavy things. I miss running around the parking lot and vets hwy. I truly miss Lisa and George (and my goodest boy Finn).

    Enjoy your day. Be safe and be well.

    1. Michele

      Miss you too, Jane! I can’t wait to lift heavy things too! I did carry in three cases of 24 bottles of water into my apartment at one time. That has been the extent to my lifting! Lol

  2. Beth

    Me too Janie. I miss my work peeps…some of them. I haven’t used a drop of makeup in a month cause who fucking cares. I haven’t worked out as much as I would have liked to. I have however spent hours helping wendy and Mike in their moving out, moving in journey. I am the master of cleaning toilets. I miss my crossfit family so much.

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