Cathy and the kids after they all did a workout together!





Running a mile and a quarter in 96-foot increments was not fun at all. In trying to “run silent, run deep” like a submarine on a secret mission, I made the idiotic decision to do yesterday’s workout in the gym.

400 meters is roughly 1312 feet. Each one of the mats in the gym is 4 feet wide. The most one could safely run in a straight line in the gym is 24 mats or 96 feet. 13 “lengths”, running from one end of the gym to the other end, safely, is 1248 feet. That leaves 64 feet left to make 1312 feet, so that’s another 16 mats. In order to run 400 meters in the gym you have to run down and back 13 times and add a 16-mat run. For the entire workout that is 68 and a half lengths in the gym. That’s a lot of slowing down at the end of the length and turning to run the other way and no workout should be this math-intensive. Then having to do mountain climbers in the remaining time of a 3-minute time period is just adding insult to injury.

But I did it.

Furthermore, I accomplished my goal. No neighbor, no stranger, saw my workout. I’m not sure anybody, except Lisa, knew I worked out.

My runs were terrible. Slowest runs in my history of running 400 meters. Hopefully, that was because I was running in the gym. Every run took me two and a half minutes, or a little less or a little more. I was happy to move. It set my mood for….shopping.

Yup. Had to re-supply. I just got done working out and it was beautiful out. You know what that means. I was in my sun-shiny mood. The problem was my mood was not shared by my fellow consumers.

I started at Petco. I was told I had to wait in a line outside and then order Finn’s food when I got to the door. A “runner” went and fetched my bag of dog food while I waited on the checkout line, on a circle on the ground, carefully measured to ensure there would be a magical 6 feet between me and the other people preparing to feed their pets. There were only 2 “looks” on the faces of the other customers and the employees, complete exhaustion and anger.

Oh, and I had my mask on. Since the CDC recommended that we all wear masks I felt it was a perfect time to wear my SA, lightweight, moisture-wicking, fishing mask. After all, I don’t fish so this may be my only opportunity to wear my mask. They look like THIS. My particular one is very low-key, it’s a flat black, but I may start wearing one of these fancy, more creative jobs. IT’S TIME TO FACE FACTS, AMERICA: MASKS WORK

After today I was going to make the prediction that robberies would increase since the government is now recommending that we hide our identity while shopping. Too late. I googled it to research writing this blog entry and, apparently, it has already begun.

While in Walmart and Stop and Shop I got a range of looks that varied between nervousness and fear. It was eerie. I tried smiling beneath my mask hoping my smile would be reflected in my eyes. It didn’t work. I grabbed what I needed as soon a possible and left post-haste. Maybe it wasn’t me or my mask. Maybe it’s just our “situation”.

In case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t wear my mask while I drove.

This is long for an exercise video. GO TO 6:45 to see what the reverse plank is and what it should look like.
For today’s workout do the lunge walking as demonstrated in the video OR do them standing in place. The mechanics are exactly the same.

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  1. JaneM

    Good morning. Great story.
    I too struggled with the runs. First guessing on the 400m distance in the first round that was way off. I adjusted for the other 4 rounds. My runs felt absolutely awful. The extra 20lbs I am sporting (or is it 25 now?) did not help. The weight is not recent and the result of working from home. I’m attributing to stress and lack of sleep. Anyway I also tried to greet people wearing a mask. After the workout I took a walk around my neighborhood. My neighborhood is a complete circle that is just shy of a mile so a good “track.” Every day I see some people out walking. I have no idea who these people are or even where they live. I headed up the block and coming towards me is a woman I now see often out walking. When we got closer but a very safe distance apart I waved hello. I just got a glare back. Since we are walking opposite in a circle we meet again on the other side. I once again wave but much less enthusiastically. I guess she felt stupid for being so angry that she sort of acknowledged me. I hope that as time goes on she will raise her hand and wave and under her mask smile. Time will tell.
    Enjoy your day Spartans.

  2. Amie

    Lookin good Cathy and fam! George I like the mask I’m looking into picking some up for my family! I agree about the robberies coupled with the fact that 90% of defendants sitting in jail in Nassau and Suffolk are being released or having their sentences reduced to time served because the virus is spreading thru the jails. Also George I would definitely get dizzy running back and forth in the gym it was such a nice day why did you choose to do the wod indoors? I did it on my lunch break outside was beautiful…not sure I did it right though but whatever I moved I exercised I cleared my mind! Be safe and stay well all!!

  3. George


    Good point…and terrible what is occurring in our criminal justice system.

    I ran inside so my crazy neighbors, who love to complain about the gym, didn’t see me running and call the town to complain that I was: (1) destroying their peace and quiet, (2) creating an eye-sore in the community, (3) violating the “stay-at-home policy” and whatever else people with time on their hands can conjure up. What if on the way back from the 400-meter run I coughed or sneezed behind their house? I would have been accused of bioterrorism. No way, lady. Not this guy. “Run silent, run deep”. 🙂

    I did my cool-down walk outside, however. I figured if they called on me I’d be gone by the time somebody responded.

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