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  1. Katy

    I highly doubt anyone would have showed up anyway. Great times last night! Sorry we stayed so late George.. Hope “shit george says” makes up for it 😉

  2. Kelly R

    Thank you George & Lisa for the such a fun night! A little too fun! I’m with Katy- sorry for staying til all hours of the am! You should’ve told us to get the F-out!

  3. vinny

    Thank you George and Lisa for hosting such a great party!! I had a great time, and hope everyone enjoyed the party and got home safe! See you Monday!

  4. George Demetriou

    The pleasure was all ours!

    Hosting the party is the easy part. We really didn’t do much at all–ask Annmarie and Joe, they helped me set-up and provided the music! The people who show up make the party what it is and make the gym what it is. And that’s fantastic from where we stand!

    Thank you for the thoughtfulness shown to me an the staff. Thank you to those who made, cooked, baked or bought something and brought it in. The food was outstanding!

    Yes, a good time was had by all and didn’t mind staying late for this very reason!

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