Zatsiorsky, Scaling and Power          “On page six in The Science and Practice of Strength Training, author Vladimir Zatsiorsky posits that maximal power output occurs at approximately 30% of maximal velocity and 50% of maximal load.  I’m in love with page six, and simultaneously dumbfounded by its mathematical exactitude.

Applied to CrossFit and our never ending pursuit of power, this unforgettable page states that we’re looking for a load that you can move with 30% speed, one that tends to occur somewhere around your 50% of one-rep maximum. 

Of course, CrossFit won’t ask you to move the bar once, but perhaps ten or twenty or fifty times.  To maximize your power across this broad spectrum of work, you’ll want to load to less than 50% 1RM, and continue to try to move the hell out of the bar.”—-Jon Gilson, Again Faster

{NOTE:  This is the article I referenced during last night’s 6pm session.  Consider this required reading.}–George


THE OTHER GUYS (AND WHY THEY DON’T MATTER)         “If we always focus on what other people are doing, how and when will we know if we are improving given that the only thing we notice is that someone else is better than us?“—Bret Hamilton for Breaking Muscle


Yesterday we re-posted Breaking Muscle article The AbMat Is Awesome – Here’s Why.  Amongst other things, the article suggested that the “higher portion [of the AbMat] towards the bum”, meaning the thicker part of the AbMat should be at the base of your spine when seated.  A “bum” in case you didn’t figure it out, and you’re not from the United Kingdom, is your behind, your posterior….you know…your ass. 

Seems this bit of instruction caused some concern.  Some of you claimed you’ve been using the AbMat wrong.  Fear not.  While we agree with the author, and thick end of the AbMat towards the “bum” is how we teach it, a quick look around the internet reveals that different experts instruct athletes to use the thin end toward the base of the spine and others teach thick end towards the base of the spine.  The inventor of the AbMat has Youtube videos showing both ways.  The AbMat company shows the AbMat used with the thin portion toward the base of the spine.  There are instructional videos by well respected and well known CrossFit coaches using the thin portion of the AbMat toward the base of the spine.

Bottom line:  As long as the AbMat is in your lumbar spine region, with either end toward your bum,  you won’t be injured, you won’t be judged, you won’t affect the outcome of your workout and the sun will rise the following day.—George


Workout of the Day
Back Squat: 2X3@90%, 2X2@95%, 90 seconds rest in between
For time:

30 Deadlifts 135/95#
20 Deadlifts 185/125#
10 Deadlifts 225/155#

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Bevin

    You know you have a deadlift addiction when you see 60 deadlifts in your WOD and you tell hell yeah at 7:30 in the morning! My kind of workout!!!

  2. Kelly R

    George- good reads as always-
    I need help with power And how fast I move for sure ( & I wasn’t there for 6:00 class ) so let’s talk later 🙂
    And thanks for the abmat clarification! I am now laughing bc doing sit ups yesterday I turned the mat around-

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