Take 10 minutes to practice Pistols (one-legged squats)

15 minute AMRAP of:
20 Wall Ball 20/14lbs
20 KBS 24/16kg
20 Pistols (10l/10r anyhow)






Running Farther,Faster and Longer Can KIll You
    "He argues that the best way to prolong your life is by vigorously exercising – but for no more than an hour a day. The best prescription: run at a comfortable speed for a reasonable distance."Linda Carroll, Today.com, quoting Dr. James O'Keefe  (For those interested there is a 20 minute video of Dr. James O'Keefe, speaking for the TEDTalks series. The video is entitled Run For Your Life! At A Comfortable Pace, and Not Too Far.  The video has the same message as the re-posted article, but with a lot more detail.  It's worth watching if your idea of fitness is marathon-type running/training OR you enjoy arguing with marathon runners about their training.)


7 Reasons Women Should Lift Heavy Weights

"In one study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,
women who lifted more weight for fewer reps burned nearly twice as many
calories during the two hours after their workout than when they did
more reps with a lighter weight."

"…..physical strength gives you so much more than sexy shoulders in your
sleeveless dress. It will allow you to hoist your overflowing laundry
bag up the stairs of your apartment building, tote groceries from Whole
Foods, protect yourself on dark city streets, and just generally make
you feel like the strong, independent woman we already know you are."
Well & Good NYC

I will continue to re-post EVERY article I can find on this topic until every woman with the slightest bit of interest at all in working out understands.  If you're reading this chances are you "get it"…your job is to pass this article along to that woman you know who is doing nothing but running, walking on a treadmill or using some other silly device that she believes is keeping her thin while in reality is keeping her SKINNY-FAT with barely any muscle and almost no strength.–George


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