Jay getting set to rip the bar off the ground!IMG_7864


Matt M. with Brad and Jay in the background.  Matt cleaned 265lbs.IMG_7869

 Chris P. cleaned 275lbs., but used a lot of time chasing plates down…there just wasn’t enough plates for this event.IMG_7891

Matt being reminded by Coach Lisa that he must vanquish his enemies….and he did!IMG_7905

When I start pushing the prowler make sure you’re not in my way


 Matt way out in front finished first in this WOD and second overall for the day!IMG_7915

Judges can smile….competitors, not so much.IMG_7922

Brad stepping out over the line for the Farmer’s WalkIMG_7927


Day 1 is in the history books for the Long Island Takeover in Brentwood, NY.  This event is the worst managed competition we’ve ever experienced.  The venue is too small for this competition.  The venue is too small for the spectators.  There was a shortage of judges.  There was no large digital clock that is a standard feature at every competition.  There was not enough plates for the first event.  There were moments when officials had trouble saying, “3,2, 1..go.”  There was ZERO organization.  There was barely any use of the PA system to let competitors and spectators know what was going on. The event organizers did a horrible disservice to the competitors.

On the positive side we are grateful for the competitors who worked extremely hard and performed wonderfully despite the shoddy conditions.  We are also thankful to the volunteers who made this embarrassment  of a competition tolerable and functioning.

We’re proud of Matt, Jay, Brad and Chris for not only putting everything they had into their WODs, but also for keeping their heads in the game while the amateur organizers did everything in their power to display their lack of regard for the competitors.  So far, Matt finished first in the Scaled Division in WOD#2 and is 2nd Overall!

The joke competition continues today.  Should be interesting.  There was supposed to be 3 WODs yesterday and 2 today, but the powers that be decided to end it after 2 WODs.  So does that mean there will be 3 WODs today and the Final WOD for the top finishers?  Who knows.  Luckily the competitors have so much heart and they’ll do whatever is necessary.  If there is any success to the competition at all it is because the athletes are willing to do what it takes and the volunteers are willing to facilitate.

Thank you to the Spartans who came out to support the team yesterday!

Hopefully the organizers will redeem themselves today.


Workout of the Day
As many rounds as possible in 20 min:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Kelly R

    Congrats Matt-Jay-Chris-& Brad! You all did really great! Lots of heart in competing.
    George- I loved watching Coach Lisa out there. How could you not give it your all with Lisa there encouraging you? I wanted to jump over the rail and push the prowler myself!
    Good time!

  2. Ali

    Idk what happened to the rest of my previous comment, so I’ll say it again…it’s too bad the event is so poorly managed. Jay, Brad, Chris and Matt put a lot of extra time and effort into their training.

    Great job to everyone competing and making us Spartans look awesome!

    Also, great pictures, George!

  3. Bevin

    Great job guys! All of your extra training is paying off and I think is able to help you stay focused among the chaos described above. Good luck today!!!

  4. Tatyana

    I agree with George, event just so poorly put together ( couldn’t even say organized).!!! But our guys are performing great and everyone can benefit from Coach Lisa! I have mentioned it to bunch of you how lucky were athletes who had Lisa as their judge, so much heart and encouragement she gave!!!!! There should be more humans like her!! And .. Lets get to event to support our athletes especially they have extra event to endure! Great job Crossfit Suffolk!!!

  5. liliane

    I agree with George 110%. It was a shit show to say the least but when the wods actually did happen the atheletes were all in it to win it and the crowd was rooting every last athlete on. The crossfit spirit was strong and there was even a moment that I got goose bumps when the whole arena was cheering on an older female athlete who was struggling with the sled. As bad as the event was run its always good to see the comraderie of the crossfit community.
    George I say you should run a competition one of these days and show the rookies what its all about 🙂

  6. lisa

    congrats to Matt, Jay,Chris and Brad all things considered they remained composed… considering they just started Crossfitting and here they are, stepping into a competition is very big!!! We are VERY PROUD OF ALL YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS!!!!!! you are all winners in our book -it takes soo much courage to step up and compete! Cngrats to you all 🙂

    also thank you soo smuch for the show of support: kelly R, Kelly C Tatyana, Janie, Maria, Sean, Barbara, Meliisa,Nicole, Rita,Beth and Denise!

    The event was shut down by fire marshalls but our athletes did what they came to do…compete! stay strong! see ya soon!

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