As a CrossFit affiliate owner we are no stranger to potential members suggesting that their knee injury or “bad back” may hinder their ability to get into the condition we were designed to be in: strong, mobile beings capable of being resilient, having endurance, have the ability to walk for miles, hunt or gather, chase the kids or grandkids around and carry heavy stuff by yourself. There are legitimately severely injured people who would have a difficult time training, but we know there are people who use their injuries as an excuse not to be as strong and fit as possible.

And then we have the likes of the two women in the above photo. Both Sabrina and Janine, who incidentally did not know each other but are now bonded by “club-membership” in a club no woman wants to be a member of, were diagnosed with breast cancer at nearly the same time. Both women approached me, on separate occasions and quietly explained their situation. Trying not to look scared for them I expressed my sorrow and remained quiet, not quite sure what else to say. Both Sabrina and Janine said similar words to break the silence, “Don’t worry, I’m getting this taken care of and I’ll be back to training.” “Getting this taken care of” meant doctor offices, hospital stays, medication, chemotherapy, surgeries, having to explain to worried friends and family members, keeping those people calm and being brave, if not for themselves, for their loved ones, the awkwardness of others, and, of course, the physical and psychological pain, the healing, the rehabilitation and recovery.

We cannot possibly describe what they went through in these few words. I was taught about defiance, in my martial arts training, as a characteristic of surviving a life and death situation. Sabrina and Janine learned about defiance at the feet of an unforgiving enemy named Cancer. Both women said they would return to their training and both have. I have always maintained that as a coach there is no better reward than watching the development of the people you train. Another great thing about coaching, and one we don’t often mention, is how rewarding it is to learn from the people you are training. Sabrina and Janine have reinforced my previously mentioned lessons in defiance and demonstrated to me that as bad as things seem you have the ability to remain calm when you have every reason to be hysterical, you can keep a sense of humor when things are bad and you can keep going when it would be just as easy to quit and nobody would fault you for doing so. We are grateful and fortunate to have Sabrina and Janine training among us



Pendlay Row 2-2-2-2-2

Use the heaviest weight you can for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

3 rounds for time of: Run, 400 m

25 AbMat Sit-ups

20 Alternating Single Arm Dumbbell Snatches, 50/35 lbs

As many reps as possible in 7 mins of: Abdominal Exercises


GET TANKED On May 7th (during PM sessions) the good folks from GET TANKED will be at our location to conduct body fat testing in a Hydrostatic Testing Tank. The gold standard for body fat testing is to be submerged in a hydrostatic testing tank but this method is usually not possible for the general public. Get Tanked brings the testing tanks to your location and testing takes just 15 minutes. You will have the most accurate testing conveniently brought to where you train! Your test results include your lean muscle mass and body fat percentages and your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate (an accurate reading of your metabolism. Having an accurate reading of body fat, lean muscle mass and BMR will facilitate workout and nutrition direction. See George if you are interested or have questions.

MY FIRST HYDROSTATIC WEIGHING EXPERIENCE The article is from 2014 but it’s a first-hand account of one woman’s experience with the same testing that we are hosting. Interesting commentary and she answers questions that you probably have.

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    1. Amie

      Ladies and Tim you are all the true definition of strength! So wonderful to hear that you are all healthy and back at it! An inspiration to us all!
      Beautifully written George I cried as well.

  1. TimL

    Kudos to both of you for your courage. 6 years after having dealt with my own bout with cancer and 5 months after the death of the second person in my life to pancreatic cancer, I have found my workouts extremely therapeutic and each one makes me feel stronger and more grateful. I wish you both the same.

  2. Andy

    George you have such a great way with words. You two women, and you too time, are a great inspiration to keep moving forward no matter how much life tries to drag you back. Thank you for being such strong people both mentally and physically and continuing to radiate the positive energy to everybody within our gym. Love you all<3

  3. Richie G.

    WOW! Very well written and moving coach. You never really know other peoples struggles and hardships. Great to see both of you ladies back in the gym.

    1. Spartan

      Thanks Richie! Everybody has a story and I really enjoy speaking to our friends and getting to know their lives outside the gym. Obviously, Sabrina’s and Janine’s story is special because their story is not one many women are willing to share or discuss. Every time I see Sabrina or Janine walk into the gym I’m reminded of their courage and poise.

  4. Cathy

    George, such beautiful words and an even more powerful message! Girls, continue to be brave and fight this fight. We are all supporting you! Kick cancers ASS!!

  5. Mo Fitzgerald

    Wow. What an inspiration to all of us who sometimes take our health for granted I for one admire both theses young ladies. Great example to everyone. I’m proud of you sis.

    Mo Fitzgerald.

  6. Sabrina

    Thank you for such beautiful and kind words from all of you!! George, you made me cry. Your words are so powerful that I sat back and thought to myself “hey, maybe I am a little bad ass!!” Lol. Love this place and the people in it. Super grateful to be a part of this family and looking forward to getting stronger physically and mentally.

  7. Janine

    I joined crossfit in October 2017. Three months later I was diagnosed. During those months I lost weight, inches and toned. I truly believe that is why I found the cancer so early. I felt it. It wasn’t visible on a mamo. My story would be very different had I not walked into the gym and met Lisa. George has been a constant support through this whole process. I’m so thankful for you both and so happy to be back. To quote George,
    “You’re stronger that you think”.

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