That’s Samantha at the top of the climbing rope.  Samantha was inspired by yesterday’s photo of Veronica at the top of the rope.  The ripple effect of one athlete’s accomplishment is often far-reaching and will move others into action.


Success, a good work ethic and courage are contagious!  We point athletes in the right direction, guide them along the path of strength and fitness, make them aware of what they capable of, then get out of their way.  The result is often a climb to heights never before believed possible.  For many of the ordinary, everyday people who are merely trying to discover who they are, our greatest challenge is helping them remove the ceiling that holds them back.

Samantha at 15 feet high….and ready to go beyond!



TODAY IS THE GARAGE GAME SERIES LONG ISLAND TAKEOVER!  The competition begins at 9am.  4 of your fellow athletes are competing: Matt M., Jay, Brad and Chris P.!  There are 5 workouts over the weekend, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.  Come down and cheer on the guys.  The address is 1795 Brentwood Road, Brentwood, New York   (La Espiguita Soccer Academy)


Register for THE CROSSFIT GAMES 2014 OPEN 

The Open goes from February 27th to March 27th.  There are 5 WODs that come out once a week.  The WODs can be done right in the gym.  We are a registered Games affiliate.  Your WODs will be done with a judge counting your reps and watching your technique.  You enter your score on the CrossFit Games website and we verify your score.  The process is simple–the WODs are challenging!  What questions do you have?

2014 CrossFit Games


We are happy to inform you that there was an error that John H. discovered regarding his score at last week’s Northeast Masters Throwdown.  John made the proper officials aware of the error and as a result John’s score was recalculated.  As it now stands John H. came in 3rd in the Prowler Push WOD and 5th OVERALL!!   Congratulations John!

Male – 45-49

Place Points Name WOD1 WOD2 WOD3
1 4 Ziolkowski, Mark 265.150 (1) 203 (1) 05:24 (2)
2 5 Petterssen, Nick 225.168 (2) 200 (2) 05:02 (1)
3 13 Smith, Daniel 215.390 (6) 177 (4) 05:40 (3)
4 16 Leonardi, Tony 215.537 (5) 173 (7) 06:04 (4)
5 18 Hennessey, John 215.278 (7) 179 (3) 06:41 (8)




You can’t control everything that influences your ability to lose fat. That’s why you need to focus on what you can control. Your calorie intake and movement levels.

The fact that your calorie intake and expenditure are influenced by many different factors doesn’t change the fact that calories count, and that you won’t lose weight if you aren’t in a caloric deficit.“—Armi Legge, Evidence Magazine


Workout of the Day
Back Squat: 4X5 @75% 1RM

15 minute AMRAP of:
20 Kettlebell swings
10 KB Push Press, Left, 24/16kg
10 KB Push Press, Right, 24/16kg
20 Split Jumps

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. lisa

    YEAH JOHN!!!!! LOL congrats man! you awesome to watch!! keep iut up!

    Sam!!! wow great job! Im proud of both you and ladies are both inspiring!!! 🙂 <3

    also Kristen awesome job to you too in your snatch PR! YYipeeeeee .. 🙂 LOL

    so many of you have really stepped up and are working hard to achieve your goals ..keep it up. some days will be goos some days not so god but dont get discourage..stay the course ! see ya all soon!

  2. lisa

    sorry for all the typos ..thts as a result of too lazy to put my reading glasses on.. Imagaine and I crossfit.. LMAO …. no disrespect meant… XOXO


  3. Tatyana

    Great job John and Samantha !!! This is why I love CF -we set our individual goals regardless of age and it’s just fantastic to see athletes have them achieved!!!! Go Spartans 🙂

  4. John H

    Nothing like a BOX with rope climbing chicks, I know there are other women waiting to conquer the rope, YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    Lisa,George I love you guys!
    thank you to everyone for your kind words

  5. beth

    We will conquer that rope one way or another – congrats to samantha and john!! There is nothing better than reaching a perso al goal then on to a new one

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