So we threw down, as it were, but didn’t participate in the BBQ.  Too bad.  The food smelled delicious.  Speaking of food…you have to eat something when you do these multiple-workouts-in-one-day competitions.  Most of us chugged on a BCAA drink.  That’s Branch Chain Amino Acids.  BCAA help you recover.  One WOD was a 4 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) pushing a Prowler (a type of “sled”) with an external load (90 lbs. for me and Lisa, 140 lbs. for Mike D., Alex and John H., on top of the 80lb. Prowler), 10 meters by the high handles, 10 meters by the low handles and 10 kettlebell swings.  It took EVERYONE about 30 minutes to recover from this 4 minute AMRAP.  None of us were ever quite right after that event.  The Prowler has to be the top conditioning tool one can use.  We can’t think of a workout that left us feeling this bad, especially after 4 minutes



George during the chipper: 50 wall ball, 40 kettlebell sumo-deadlift high pull, 30 box jumps, 20 push press and 10 calories row.  My judge, Matt, was telling me, “No reason to drop that bar.”  I managed to think of one during the 12th rep…I was frickin tired.  Matt was quite right though.


The camera was a bit out of focus, but Mike wasn’t.  Mike finished the complex workout with 175 lbs.–that’s 10lbs. over his body weight.  Many of the competitors didn’t do their own body weight in this barbell complex.


Lisa pushing the Prowler….somehow…sheer will most likely.  Lisa weighs 50 lbs. less than what she’s pushing AND she has no pushing power with her right foot due to a permanent injury.


Alex pushing the Prowler


Lisa during the barbell complex: 3 deadlifts, 2 hang cleans, 1 front squat and 1 shoulder-to-overhead.  Lisa finished with 125lbs, 3rd in this event, in her age division.



John H.  pushing the Prowler.  John H. finished 10th out of 24 in his division.  John finished 7th in the barbell complex with 215lbs.!





If the number on the scale was higher than I wanted, my day was ruined.

If the weight on the barbell wasn’t high enough or I didn’t improve my performance, I was frustrated. Sure, getting stronger is a great goal and improving your workout performance is important, but it shouldn’t define you as I once allowed it to.“—Mia Shanks



Workout of the Day
4 rounds for time of:
20 Russian kettlebell swings 24/16kg
15 box jumps
10 hand release push-ups
5 kettlebell push jerks, each arm, 24/16kg

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Dani

    Good job to everyone who competed! I actually laughed out loud at myself while looking at these pictures thinking about when I offered to “help” Lisa move the “equipment” during my first week at crossfit suffolk. I thought she was just moving a machine to a different spot to set up for a work out- little did I know she was “pushing the prowler” and actively engaged in the workout. As always, she was so nice about it and didn’t make fun of me when I offered to help- but once I realized how clueless I was, I was completely embarrassed.

    You learn something new every day at crossfit suffolk! lol

  2. lisa

    thank you Guys for all your kind words and encouragement ..we were lucky enough to have a great group of people to help motivate us! thank you to all that made the trip!!!! Thank you Janie, Lauren, Andrew,Sean, Barabara, Corryn, Carol and Cindy!!! XOXO
    Dani- LOL I remember that!! I actually thought tht was a very nice gesture on your part…trust me I too can use the help sometimes , your a real sweethear! <3 ..
    Im very proud of the boys ..they all did great! -til next year guys!! hope to bring an even bigger group of competitors! 😉 see you all soon..

  3. Tiffany

    Great job this weekend everyone! Way to represent Spartan! Glad you all had a good time =) and good luck to all the competitors this weekend in the Garage Games. I wish I was around to go and check them out! Have fun and do work!

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