Workout of the Day

The Spartan Performance Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

One round for max reps (and calories for the row) of:

2 minutes of push-ups (hand release)

2 minutes of sit-ups

1 minute of strict pull-ups (if unable to perform strict pull-ups a scaled version is allowed)

1 minute of push press (75 lbs. for men/ 50 lbs. for women)

1 minute of air squats

1 minute of rowing

No rest period between exercises

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


Jay making the barbell roll-out look easy!IMG_7662




Research continues to show that higher-protein diets are beneficial for weight management, muscle recovery and health in general. It remains to be seen at which point there is diminishing returns in protein intake, but the limit clearly is not at 30 grams in a meal.”—-Tom Nikkola for Thorne FX



Protein, fat and fiber.  In combination, they will work wonders.

However, one thing to remember that when fiber rich foods, in particular, are consumed without protein or fat, blood sugar will spike.  This will increase the insulin response and turn off the body’s ability to burn fat.

So, no more eating a banana for a snack.  A much better option would be to have a whey protein isolate shake made with a small amount of berries and a spoonful of coconut oil.   Protein, fiber and fat.“—Bob Seebohar for Thorne FX

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  1. Kelly R

    George- great articles! I struggle big time with eating- what to eat? When to eat? How much to eat? I am sure I am not the only woman facing this, I wish someone would write me a strict schedule on it. I understand it’s a learning period and slowly I am learning what works and what doesn’t. So I appreciate these articles bc any advice I can get, I take 🙂

  2. Barbara Olsen

    I am still not totally “straight” on all of this nutrition information, however it was eye opening to me when at the CrossFit certification class we were shown a list of foods that are high on the glycemic index chart. Just like in the article when it says not to just eat a banana as a snack that was one of the foods high on the list. I think that once we get the whole “blood sugar” concept down it becomes a little easier to figure out what works and then tweak from there. For the most part Paleo works for me. I only have some fruits and mostly vegetables. I was think about trying Zone but first I would like to read about it a little more so I can get a better understanding.

    It is frustrating at times when you don’t see results fast, we have to be patient and not so hard on ourselves (as women). It is possible but we can’t be lazy about it. Look on the internet for additional information that may help in addition to what George posts. I highly recomment the Paleo Solution by Rob Wolf. My next read is going to be The Zone Diet by Dr. Sears.

  3. Kelly R

    Thanks Barbara 🙂 I read the paleo solution ( recommended to me by George when we did the sept paleo challenge. ) I did pretty well and am back doing it this month. I read also; It Starts w Food which is my bible this month haha.
    Lots of tweaking w the food issue for sure! We need to chat 🙂
    I really wish someone would write me out a menu with exactly what to eat and when and tie it all into my workouts and feeding my kids- wishful thinking huh? See u later

  4. Dani

    Hey George thanks for the nutrition articles today. They really opened my eyes to how intricate this whole nutrition thing can really be. I have always made attempts to “eat healthy” but I find that that phrase can have different meanings depending on who you talk to. I definitely want to start making some appropriate changes to my diet but I need help. Do you (or any other crossfitters) know of a nutritionist that approaches their profession from both a medical and fitness standpoint? I feel that in the past I have received medical advice from doctors who may have taken medical concerns into account without even asking about what my fitness goals are. What I am trying to say is that since I am bringing some medical concerns and some fitness goals to the table, I want to make sure that both are being addressed in an effective and most importantly safe way. Can’t make it there today because I work until 10 but looking forward to getting there tomorrow. 🙂

  5. Bethany

    Ive heard a lot of good stuff about paleo as well. For me, what got me inspired was doing a cleanse a few months ago. I eliminated processed refined sugars, alcohol,caffeine and red meat for 21 days. It was LIFE CHANGING. And it has changed my body in ways I have strived for for years. I also started juicing and incorporating a lot of greens. Its amazing how once you start eating what your body NEEDS, it really begins to crave those very things. I stick to this plan daily, try to buy organic, and also avoid gluten and GMOs whenever I can. I must say there is no way for me to live without my wine, however 🙂

    And I try to incorporate this into my family’s diet too..Not easy with a toddler but I figure its best to establish early habits. I think there is a good plan for everyone depending on you, but this worked wonders for me. No magic, no pills, just hard work and giving my body what it needs.

    Thanks George for the info!!

  6. Tatyana

    Dani- I worked with John Di Fazio in Setauket. He is former bodybuilder and licensed nutritionist who understands how health issues/ food preferences / athletic activities all come together. Check out his book of recepies on iTunes “Remedy Recepies” where he sums up his approach: protein in every meal, every 3 hours, 5 times a day. No salt, no sugar, no processed food, good (low glucemic index) carbs kinda like a blend of paleo and zone. And I can tell you, it works if you stick with it. After over a year using his recomendations, i know how to “cheat” correctly and how to stay on track. He takes $100 for initial consultaion w/measurments and 1 follow up. It also includes your individual menu. His number (631) 444-5044 and let him know I recommended him:)

  7. Tiffany

    Awesome articles on nutrition,
    definitely eye opening. Like dani said I try to “eat healthy” but constantly struggle w cheating especially on the weekends. I’m wondering if the hoard of mini mms I have stored in my school desk are recommended in the Paleo haha. Thanks for the tips George!

  8. Dani Burns

    Thanks Tatyana! I will try and save up and give him a call- and I’m excited to check out the recipes also .. Whenever I commit to eating well my meals tend to get extremely boring so it will be nice to have some ideas. And tiff I know your struggle .. This whiole Italian mom thing doesn’t help either – I swear she is trying to sabotage me with the constant flow of cheeses and cookies in this house

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