If you read yesterday’s comments you know there is a When-I-Got- Started-At-CrossFit-Suffolk comment by Barbara.  Barbara and Sean appear in the photo below.

  Perception is a funny thing.  Reading Barbara’s account you’d think she was once the worst CrossFitter in the World.  Nothing could be further from the truth though she had a difficult time squatting.  She has since made significant improvements in her squat along with everything else.  And yes, it’s true, like most women who are beginners, she couldn’t do a pull-up.  Barbara touched on her pull-up experience a bit.  What she didn’t say was she was the fastest person in CrossFit Suffolk history to go from not being able to do a pull-up to doing one strict pull-up in six weeks!  Shortly thereafter she was stringing groups together.  It was amazing to watch this development.  Barbara was able to do what many other women take much, much longer to do because she decided on a goal and she worked on that goal everyday she was in the gym.  The take home lesson here is this, and I’m guilty of it as well, almost everybody has one or two techniques they know they have to work on and they’ll say, out loud, “I have to start working on this.”  We get distracted or we just don’t feel like working on things we’re not good at.  Somehow the time goes by and we didn’t work on the movements at all except if they came up in a workout and then we just scale and hope we’ll get it sometime in the future.  The reality of this situation is that hope is a poor strategy.  Only a focused plan, with purpose, determination and resilience will win the day.  This is how Barbara got a pull-up in 6 weeks.

Oh and Barbara was spot-on with one other thing she said….Sean was great at everything from the get go, but I’m sure he would tell you differently.  We trained Sean’s sister, Sharon for a few months before she, along with her husband, George, also a former member (but close to our hearts), moved to Florida.  Sharon was great at everything as well.  I’m thinking that Sean’s family has the CrossFit-gene! 


Barbara and SeanIMG_7598



WOW…is it that time already?  My the time has flown by!  Check it out: 2014 CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN AND REGIONAL SCHEDULE.  For those of you with the desire to compete, the Open will start at the end of February.  Get it on your mind!

2014 CrossFit Games



A FEW MORE THINGS I LEARNED                   Excellent, as always, commentary by John Welbourn, CrossFit Football and Power Athlete founder as well as the author of the blog the above article is from, Talk To Me Johnny.  Hint:  You do not need to be into football or a power athlete to appreciate the insight of Mr. Welbourn.—George



Workout of the Day
Back Squat: 1X8@70%, 2X8@75%, 1X5@80% ­ quick up and down with no pause every set, rest 90 sec.
7 rounds for total reps of:

30 Seconds ME Double-unders
30 Seconds ME Power snatch 115/75#

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

13 Responses

  1. Kelly R

    Good morning!
    Barbara & Sean this is the cutest picture of you guys. I love the part about Sean wanting you to go in first – so funny! Your story definitely motivates me to hang from the bar and work on pull-ups- holy cow 6 wks!That’s nuts! Great Job girl! See you all later

  2. George

    Hey Kelly…..where is everyone? Sure is lonely here in the comment box today.

    Well…….at least you’re here.

    I’m going to walk over to the other side of the comment box….see if anybody is hanging out over there. Be right back.

    Nope. No one over there….hmmmm.

    I’m gonna hang out for a little while and see if anyone shows.
    See you later..

  3. Nick Kelly

    Not to leave you guys hanging..not going to lie..pretty excited to see what the games look like this year. It seems like only yesterday watching Froning 3 peat and Sam Briggs dominating.

    Also to step back to Barbara’s comment from yesterday..I have been here at our box for over a year now..and I still need help on my DU’s..and gotta agree with George on this..I always say I am going to work on them..but never spend the time necessary to do so.

    2014 is a new year..the year of the DU for me..oh and the MU. I did it once I can do it again. See you guys soon.

    PS. Making my Kale Chips again this year for the Party. I may not be there but I will be in spirit. (hence the kale chips).

  4. George Demetriou

    Oh..hey Nick! When did you get here? I didn’t see you come in.

    Agreed. It’s exciting to see how the Games are going to beat last year’s and who will emerge as 2014’s top athletes.

    Kale Chips….outstanding! Surely, you can make it down for the Social Event of the Year??

  5. John H

    Do you feel like sometimes, well most of the time there are anywhere between 10 to 20 people just wanting to comment but just waiting for someone else to start. I am one of those, fret not George the comment box will fill, hey why not best comment of the day wins a free burpee

  6. Annmarie

    When I got started…

    I had originally scheduled my intro session last February on my 39th birthday but I got sick so I had to postpone. For the next few weeks George would stalk me (his words, not mine) via voicemail. He promised to continue calling until I answered. Eventually I did and met George that April. I, like the rest of you, was surprised at how empty the room was. I could not imagine how this place they call a box was going to get me into shape. Boy, was I wrong! Not only did it get me in shape, it got me stronger and ultimately that’s what I was really looking for. I’ve always been short, yet no longer considered small. I’m what I like to describe as “thick-petite”. I embrace my curves but I wanted to add muscle tone and Crossfit Suffolk has done that for me. I will NEVER go back to traditional training. For the first time in my life it’s not guilt I feel when I miss a workout. Instead, I feel cheated. Cheated of seeing my peers, cheated of meeting that next milestone, cheated of the opportunity to do something meant just for me that day. Gyms don’t do that for you. People who cheer you on do. People who care about your achievements as much as their own do. And damn, is it incredible working out with all of you strong ass women!!

    George and Lisa – It never ceases to amaze me how you remember every athlete’s name (I love that we are considered athletes!). You make it a point to greet us all individually as we walk in, and say goodnight as we walk out. It’s a true testament to the type of box you aspire to run. The love of what you do, and the support you provide is what keeps me coming back month after month so thank you!!

  7. Kelly R

    Hey George- I came back to check the WOD again to see about eating dinner haha-
    Hey John- I think best comment goes to Annmarie! Yeah girl!
    And I agree w you 100% I will never return to a regular gym- after my 1st week of CF I cancelled my LA fitness membership-what a waste of time & money that was!
    See you guys later :))

  8. John H

    Kelly R -your right, best comment goes to Annmarie. And I too will never go back to a traditional gym. YEAH Annmarie
    Today was another day that I was tired and thought about taking a day, but I showed up, PR’d on back squat and did double unders along side great people and I left feeling awesome.

  9. Gotta agree with her story..i am still at the very beginning stages but the more I come the more I want to keep coming back. You all inspire me..I watch every one of you to see how I can improve.. Each day I hope to gain strength and confidence and it’s happening..slowly..Thanks to Lisa and George who always take time to guide means a lot!!!
    And Barbara your determination to get that pullup is amazing. I am hopeful to do one. Within a year. Maybe. 😉 Im missing today due to a 12 hour shift but will be back least I can get those burpees in tonight…

  10. Barbara

    Thanks George I feel famous. I guess some things I have learned over the years is that you really never stop learning and getting better. Also, don’t fall off the CrossFit wagon. It is never worth it no matter what the reason and is hard to get yourself to come back because you know how hard it is. I have also realized that I can only compete with myself. While it is amazing to work next to everyone doing the same WOD, you need to worry about what type of scaling if anything you can do. Don’t sell yourself short but don’t get frustrated if you can’t do it rxd. Also, working out always makes things better… excuses.

  11. Nick K

    In the words of John H….. YEAH Annmarie! Yeah. Lol. Sorry I missed you guys tonight. Getting ready for my exam next week.

    George you comment made me laugh bud. Haha. Barbara also makes a valid point…when I first came into xfit I was always looking at times and comparing to other people….after time I realized that was stupid. I am here to improve myself not compete against the next guy. Always trying to do the wod as Rx’d…I noticed over time….hey man choke it back a little..the gains will come…

    Good people here man. Good people! I may be able to swing the party still. Yes Georgie boy the kale is coming and the recipe has gotten a lot better since last year bud.

  12. George

    Wait a minute Annmarie….you’re 39????? WTF?

    Awesome….thanks for sharing! Thanks for the kind words too!!

    And thanks to all the other commenters….GREAT job today John!

  13. Beth

    Sorry it took so long to post – Barbara 6 weeks? that is determination, I hope to get to a rubber band free pullup this year, hopefully on the earlier side of this year!! Annmarie your so right about Crossfit. I can’t imagine going back to a planet fitness or any other place similar. I like the raw energy of what we do here!! There really are a fabulous group of bad ass women here!!!

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