Remember back in November when Lisa won the International Powerlifting Association event and I said that I believed she was the new world record holder for her age and weight division?

I was right!  The IPA sent Lisa this certificate to make it official!  How about that!  A world record holder, powerlifting competitor in our humble gym.





We received some positive feedback regarding yesterday’s TNation article by Chris Shugart, Merry Christmas, Bob.  The reason for the feedback is that we all know a “Bob”.  Reading this made me remember a comment I left on another website regarding the same exact topic.  My response is much shorter than Mr. Shugart’s, and, I’m sorry to say,  much meaner.   Okay…I’m not really sorry.  I don’t remember if I re-posted the article I was commenting on, but just in case I didn’t you can find it HERE.  I copied and pasted my comment from John Welbourn’s Talk To Me Johnny blog.  (Welbourn is the founder of CrossFit Football).  Here it is below:

Everyone who asks about diet and fitness advice is worthy of your best answer.


The second my advice is met with resistance the tact gets drastically changed.

We start by mentioning how the inquisitor’s diet and current fitness regime or lack thereof is obviously serving him well and how I cannot believe he asked for advice in the first place. Then I go into this little tirade:

“You know, maybe YOU are supposed to be soft and weak. You know, Mr. “I can’t do that”, in a less polite society the local marauders would just take your wife and daughters while you stood there with your Taco Bell, unable to protect your family or yourself. Yes, you probably can’t train or eat well which is just fine….there are others who need your social security money after you drop dead of a heart attack at age 50. You’re right…staying fit is too hard. Doctors need people like you anyway so they can stay in business. Don’t get me wrong. I like having you around. You’re making me look even better than I really am. In fact, you’d be great to have around if I’m ever in bear country. If we’re attacked by an angry Grizzly for instance, I don’t have to out-run the bear, I just have to outrun you. Obviously that’ll be a piece of cake. Speaking of cake….why don’t you grab another slice you disgusting fat-body. Yeah, get away from me before your weakness and bad attitude infects me.”

Then I walk away.

I don’t know if my approach has ever helped anyone, but I feel pretty damn good after that exchange.—George

Please keep in mind I was referring to people who ask for advice then when you give it to them they make excuses for why they can’t follow the plan.  I’m not speaking to those who are overweight for medical reasons, those who don’t care if they are overweight and those who are overweight, but are in the process of doing something about it.  I was speaking to the mindset more so than the physique of the person in question.



Today’s Strength WOD is one of the workouts from the Northeast Masters Throwdown (January 18th):

8 minutes to establish a 1-rep max for the following complex:

3 deadlifts, 2 hang cleans (power or squat), 1 front squat (can be completed by receiving 2nd hang clean in a squat) and 1 shoulder-to-overhead.

Today’s conditioning WOD is one of the workouts from the upcoming (Jan.25 & 26th) Garage Games, Long Island Takeover:


Handstand Push-ups

50 meter shuttle run after each round

rx: 315/205
scaled: 205/155
masters: 185/135

Handstand Pushups
rx: standard (no deficit)
scaled: declined hand release push ups
masters: hand release push ups


Those NOT competing can modify the above workouts and don’t have to do both.  Those competing will adhere to the 8 minute time caps for each workout.  Those not competing will have a 15 minute cap for the conditioning WOD.

Each hour is planned to go as follows:

20 minutes to warm up, 5 minutes to set-up for strength WOD, 8 minutes to perform strength WOD, 10 minutes to recover and set-up for conditioning WOD and 15 minutes to perform conditioning WOD.  (Competitors only get 8 minutes!)  That’s 58 minutes or less!

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  1. Jane

    Congratulations Lisa. That is something to be quite proud of and know we are all proud and inspired by your dedication and hard work every day.

  2. Kelly R

    Lisa- probably sounds so corny but I am so proud of you! You are so encouraging and such an incredible role model for all of us women’ in the gym. We have so much to learn from you and I know I speak on behalf of myself and everyone else when I say we are eager! Congrats!

  3. Beth

    Congratulations Lisa – of course we all knew you were the best all along!! And what a great picture with the chains! Thank you so much for your constant encouragement and love for all of us!! It keeps us going!!

  4. Tiffany

    Congratulations Lisa! You are always working so hard in the gym and are very deserving of that record! You are truly an inspiration to all of us women, and such a motivating force in the gym. Always inspiring me to do more, helping me with my form and technique, and just cheering us all on! Thanks for all you do! Congratulations!!

  5. John H

    i’m glad i’m one of the girls, george always thought i had a wicked snatch
    i think in order to personalize the image your web guy needs to have a log in screen but its probly a question for him, i don’t give a shit either way

  6. Katy

    WAY TO GO LISA!! Although we all already knew that you are the best of the best 🙂 No need for a piece of paper to tell us.. But it sure is perrrrty!! Congrats congrats congrats!!! I feel honored to have you as a coach!

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