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Imagine being 40 years old or over and getting to compete against other crossfitters your age, from the entire Northeast?  Well stop imagining and register here to be notified when registration opens for the 2014 Northeast Masters Throwdown in Connecticut.  The competition is scheduled for January 18th, is one day and is a good time!  This is the one Lisa and I did last year.

The number of participants will be limited compared to last year’s event which attracted 200 participants.  Don’t hesitate on this.  No fee has been announced yet, but last year’s was 25 bucks AND that included a BBQ!!

FEAR NOT!  This is a Masters Event…last year’s didn’t include handstand push-ups, muscle-ups or any other movement that a reasonable crossfitter would find too difficult.  I can’t imagine it”ll be any different this year.


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  1. justin s

    nick k.- if you follow the link, there is actually a spot where you can sign up to volunteer. I’m sure you can watch (me get my as* kicked). the more spartans the better. john, I’m in. soley for achieving ‘veteran’ status!

  2. John H

    Justin I can guarantee you will not get your ass kicked, there’s a scaled division plus we will hopefully see the WOD’s a couple of days before. Just tuck your shirt in and put on your Loverboy headband and we’ll Show ’em what we got..

  3. George Demetriou


    Nick–You can volunteer or just come and watch. We had several Spartans come and watch last year. It turned out to be good that people came to watch..Andrew screamed at me for each workout which of course pushed me to work harder than I would have. He didn’t encourage me, he scared me. I thought he was going to kick my ass if I stopped moving.

    Justin–As the leader of the free world likes to say, “Let me be clear”….although the competitors were 40 and older they are in good shape. Out of the 36 competitors in my age group I came in around 22nd. It was great fun though! I have no idea who won, who came in 2nd or who came in last, nor do I care. I competed, watched my wife compete, got to meet other like minded people…my own age, ran into some old friends, hung out with my cast of usual suspects, ate well and enjoyed the journey to Connecticut and back. I would do it again and would recommend it to other crossfitters!

  4. George Demetriou


    There’s a Scaled Division this year, according to reliable sources, so no, you’re not crazy. At least not because you are considering competing at the Masters.

    Last year we did a Clean and Jerk ladder followed by a short row. We did a 400 meter run then kettlebell swing/burpee amrap and we finished off with an AMRAP of Power Cleans (if memory serves), push-ups and box jumps. 3 WODS in one day. There was at least an hour and half in between WODS.

    If I’m not mistaken the Northeast Masters folks revealed the WODS 2-3 weeks before the competition. There was more than ample time to prepare.

    We’ll talk more when I see you!

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