Workout of the Day
6X3/6 Front Squat/Back Squat @ 94% of November 22, 2013

Notes:  On November 22nd we used 85% of our front squat 1 rep max.  Today’s strength workout calls for 94% of what you used on Friday.  If you did not do Friday’s strength workout use 85% of your Front Squat 1 rep max today.

There is no rest between the front squat reps and the back squat reps except to place the bar on the squat rack.  Rest 1 minute in between sets.

3 rounds for time of:

7 Muscle-Ups
10 Power Clean & Push Jerks 155/105#

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Scaling:  Use ring dips and pull-ups or modified muscle-ups as a substitute for the muscle-ups.  Reduce the prescribed weight on the Power Clean & Push Jerk.



Regular schedule on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thanksgiving: 2 morning sessions only, 9am-10am and 10am-11am.  No early morning morning.  No evening sessions.

Friday:  No early morning session.  No 11:15-12:15 session.  9am-10am and 10am-11am only for the morning.  Regular scheduled Friday evening sessions.





What Grain Is Doing To Your Brain

“What’s deviant, he insists, is our modern diet. Dementia, chronic headaches, depression, epilepsy and other contemporary scourges are not in our genes, he claims. “It’s in the food you eat,” Perlmutter writes in his bestselling new book, Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar – Your Brain’s Silent Killers. “The origin of brain disease is in many cases predominantly dietary.”—Gary Drevitch, Forbes 

“A Mayo Clinic study published earlier this year in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that people 70 and older with a high-carbohydrate diet face a risk of developing mild cognitive impairment 3.6 times higher than those who follow low-carb regimens. Those with the diets highest in sugar did not fare much better. However, subjects with the diets highest in fat were 42% less likely to face cognitive impairment than the participants whose diets were lowest in fat.”—Gary Drevitch, Forbes

“This low-fat idea that’s been drummed into our heads and bellies,” Perlmutter says, “is completely off-base and deeply responsible for most of our modern ills.”

“Changing one’s diet is a challenge, he acknowledges. Giving up the gluten found in most carbs makes it even tougher. “The exact parts of the brain that allow people to become addicted to narcotics are stimulated by gluten,” Perlmutter points out. “People absolutely go through withdrawal from gluten. It takes a couple of weeks.”

“But the change is worth making, he says, at any age.”—Gary Drevitch, Forbes



Parents Fined For Not Sending Ritz Crackers In Kids’ Lunches

Actually the parents were fined for not packing a “grain” in the child’s lunch.  So with all the nutritional information available today the Manitoba (Canada) school system came up with Ritz Crackers as the grain that would satisfy their school lunch policy.  The parents were fined $10.00.  Since this incident Manitoba has gone over to a hot lunch because parents failed to provide “balanced” lunches for their children.

I’m not going to comment on the grain issue or the lack of nutritional knowledge on the powers that make school lunch policy.  No.  Something else bothers me about this even more than the nutritional aspects.

I love the country of Canada.  It’s my second favorite country on the globe.  I have many good friends in Canada, from coast to coast.  I also realize it is a socialist country. 

Is it really necessary for the school to provide strict guidelines for what their children bring for lunch? 

Is the school administration smarter than the parents?  (Apparently not.)

Is it really necessary for the government to instruct you on how to eat?

If you somehow justified the school’s role for the last question then at what point can the government NOT interfere with the lives of its citizens?

Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I’m crazy.  If I got real creative I bet I can come up with some far-fetched examples like:

A NYC mayor who attempts to ban salt in NYC restaurants.

A NYC mayor who attempts to ban large sodas in fast food restaurants.

A NYC mayor who attempts to ban food donations to homeless shelters because the salt, fat and fiber content can’t be assessed.

Oh…that’s right.  Those things really happened.

Imagine the government used its perfect track record and infinite knowledge to provide “affordable” health insurance to everyone?

Wouldn’t that be something?—George

3 Responses

  1. Kristen

    Tell ’em why you mad George! It’s one of those kind of days.

    Read this BS. Fast food chains are costing taxpayers billions of dollars b/c they don’t pay employees enough and then they need gov’t assistance. And I’m by no means saying these people shouldn’t be paid more when the CEO’s are getting paid ten’s of millions of dollars but it’s really not the fast food chain’s responsiblity to make sure that you are earning a decent living. Get another job? Sacrifice some time and get educated? better yourself within your job maybe? No, just get paid more and do nothing. And this article just perpetuates the idea that your job, your gov’t, your parents, whatever your designated resource is, owe YOU something. It plants the wrong seed. You owe YOURSELF something. Why do you want Mcdonald’s to pay you more per hour?? You’ll still be working at Mcdonald’s!!! Will it really help you get to where you want to be in life? I’m sure there are plenty of people working at these places that are making it work. Take some control back into your own hands. (if that’s even possible anymore considering the items listed by George above)Try to get your rear end out of Mcdonald’s!!! unless……….you’re the CEO of course :)(who’s probably educated and busted their ass for 20-30 years to get there, or got handed the position from some connection, can never really tell these days)So we just came full circle. Maybe I’m crazy? That’s it I’m quitting my job and going to work at Mcdonald’s hahaha

  2. George Demetriou

    In 1979-1980 I worked at Burger King. It was THE WORST JOB I’ve had EVER. Of the things that went through my mind here’s two that didn’t:
    I want to do this forever and sure would be nice if the government enhanced my income.

    It’s sickening how this country has moved toward the idea that the hard working and successful should somehow be punished and the uneducated and/or not so hard-working should be rewarded.

    There seems to be this idea that the government has a “stash” of money that they can give away. It escapes some folks that the government “stash” comes from tax payers. The top 10% of income earners in this country pay somewhere around 50% of the taxes. The wealthy also provide jobs. 47% of this country doesn’t pay taxes at all. These 47% aren’t providing jobs either. Without educated, successful tax payers where would the government get its money from?

    Now please….somebody…anybody…argue with me. Take the opposing view.

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