10 minutes Handstand Walk practice


7 rounds for time of:

7 HSPU (Handstand push-up)
7 Snatch Grip Deadlifts @ 60% 1rm deadlift
7 Box Jumps 24/20"




Pat S.IMG_9389



Here we go!

February 1st marks the beginning of the Whole30 Program.  Some of you have started already.  Some of you are starting today.  Some of you are starting on February 4th.  Some of you aren't participating at all.

Good luck…whatever you decide to do!

From The Whole30 Program:

"Here’s what you can expect.

The first week or two will be tough, as your body heals and adjusts
to this new way of eating and your brain wraps itself around going
without all those sweet tastes and sugar-driven energy spikes. And while you may start to feel better after a week or two… the healing process takes significantly longer.
In addition, the mental addiction and emotional connections to sugary
foods, large amounts of processed carbohydrates and over-the-top,
chemically-altered flavors is going to take a lot longer to overcome.

Stick with it, and be patient with yourself. You cannot reasonably expect to completely reverse decades of poor eating habits in just 30 days. The good news, however, is that improvements are front-loaded, and you will start to see significant benefits within the month.

At some point, we promise you… the magic will happen.
You’ll go to sleep easier, and sleep more soundly through the night.
Your energy levels will increase and stabilize, and you’ll feel just as
good first thing in the morning as you do at the peak of your day. Your
body composition will start to change – your clothes will fit
differently, and you’ll feel less bloated at the end of your day. Your
performance, whether it be in the gym, while playing sports or during a
hike, will improve. Your recovery after exercise, a game or a hard day’s
work will feel easier and more complete. Conditions, ailments, aches
and pains will miraculously start to improve. And through all of it,
you’ll be eating delicious, fresh, natural, real food… food that tastes good, and is physically satiating and mentally satisfying.
"—-Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, Whole 30 Program


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND….we're proud to announce the return of
the Sunday morning session!  That's right, there will be a session at
11am-12:30pm on Sundays.  Lauren C. is in charge of making you Fitter
and Stronger on Sundays.  And she will!

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