Pulling a double at the gym you have to have the ability to take a “combat nap” wherever you are, at a moment’s notice …and hope your “friends” don’t notice….feel free to CAPTION THIS:

IMG_0188 (1)



Workout of the Day
30 minutes of:
15 double unders
10 kettlebell swings 24/16kg
1 deadlift @ 70% 1-rep max

–OR– (weather permitting):
30 minutes of:
1200 meter run
10 kettlebell swings, 24/16 kg
3 ring dips
2 groiners with T-spine rotation
800 meter run
10 kettlebell swings
3 ring dips
2 groiners with t-Spine Rotation
400 meter run
10 keettlebell swings
3 ring dips
2 groiners with T-spine rotation
200 meter run
10 kettlebell swings
3 ring dips
2 groiners with T-spine rotation
start with 200 meter run and work back up “ladder”

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Jon B

    *George Praying* “lord, please give me one day where I don’t hate my corny ass gym members!”

    These five: Not today George, not today

  2. Ali

    It had been a long day at CrossFit Suffolk…

    Jay had been hounding George to find out why there hadn’t been any overhead squats in the workout recently, and had he found a good picture of him yet for tomorrow’s website?

    Andy kept asking George if you should call an ambulance because you have “crushed your nuts.”

    John H. had heard about Andy’s upcoming photoshoot at the gym and wanted to know if George had finally taken his suggestion for the “men of CrossFit Suffolk calendar” seriously. And boy was he going to be upset if he had been left out.

    Michele and I wanted to know if it was really safe to work out if Aunt Flo is visiting. You know Michele had recently seen the documentary, Sharknado 4, and realized that you don’t need to be swimming to be attacked by a shark.

    That’s when Brad showed up and was like f*** yeah! I love sharks and started showing us how he would just surf over the sharks.

    Finally, George looked at us and said, “you know, sometimes when I have these stress dreams, I just have to try to go back to sleep in my dream, so I’m just going to lay down over here.”

    1. George

      Outstanding Ali! I LLOL…so that’s a good sign. (Literally Laughed Out Loud) I liked the way you used actual conversations from the gym and put together that montage. It shows 2 things: (1) You’re creative and (2) You pay attention..even when you’re not part of the conversation.:)

  3. George

    By the way, Beth asked if I was really sleeping. When I said yes she said I looked “creepy” and I must have been having a good dream.

    You all know I’m just happy to be in the gym.

    I was just glad my jaw didn’t drop. I’ll take the “creepy” look over the “dead” look.

    (This comment is just….commentary and is not an attempt at captioning. This comment was inspired by an actual event.)

  4. Bethie

    Yes I did say creepy lol – you looked like you were dreaming something really evil and happy about it. One can only imagine what it was.

  5. George

    Every once in a while somebody emerges from the pack. The runner that was 6 places back that the other runners forget to pay attention to. The cyclist hanging back, “drafting” off the cyclists in front of them. Everyone once in a while the quiet one who puts in the work, but doesn’t draw much attention, comes from behind and takes the lead because everybody else discounted her. By the time the group realizes what’s happening it’s too late for them to do anything to stop her.

    And so it went for Ali during this Caption This event. The quiet emerged victorious. Ali managed to fade into the background and with a keen ear and powerful points of observation, craft a Caption This montage so eloquent and so powerful that there was no stopping her.

    Well played Ali. Well played. Congratulations! Juana was right after all. You are the winner!

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