For time:

5 deadlifts, 225/150#

20 push-ups

5 deadlifts, 225/150#

20 squats

5 deadlifts, 225/150#

20 sit-ups

5 deadlifts, 225/150#

20 dumbbell snatches, 10 per arm, 40/30#




Remember that owner’s manual you came with when you were born?

Oh, that’s right, you didn’t come with an owner’s manual when you were born.  What do you do when it comes to the care of that magnificent machine known as YOU?

One of the better things to do is attend the Saturday Seminar Series presented by Dr. Jon Belmonte of Max Effort Physical Therapy.  Jon spent 90 minutes explaining the shoulder, the problems associated with it and how to fix them.

Many of the issues we have with the shoulder start with poor posture.  We spend so much time doing things that are right in front of us that our posture starts to “favor” that direction.  The problem with this is we start not to hold ourselves correctly or move properly.  Almost all adults drive, sit at a desk and use a computer.  These “harmless” activities cause our shoulders to roll forward.  Most are unaware of the negative effects of these activities and poor posture.

Jon went over awareness of the proper shoulder and back position as well as the corrective measures that could be taken to prevent poor posture and the problems that come along with it.  Everyone has shoulders and most will experience pain or dysfunction sooner or later.  If you’re active your shoulders are exposed to the risk of injury.  If you’re inactive then atrophy and poor posture become the enemy.  The only logical solution is to take responsibility for the care and maintenance of your self.  If someone like Jon Belmonte doesn’t make you aware and doesn’t train you to correct or prehab your back and shoulders what are the chances that you’ll remain injury free?

90 minutes to enhance your performance and “bullet-proofing” your shoulders is time very well spent.  We highly recommend Jon’s seminars for all athletes and exercisers.—George

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